A Story Untold… (Poem)

She threw them up in the air like coins

Saw them dropping like autumn leaves

Before they crashed onto the ground

And shattered like pieces of glass

Neither a loud thud nor any shatter

Just a few unshed tears

That weren’t allowed to drop down

Like lightning they just crashed

Now and then in front of her eyes

And every time they showed up

She tried hiding them underneath

The burden of expectations

She stamped on them, stabbed them

And killed them ruthlessly

So many unsaid words and unspoken feelings,

A bunch of unfulfilled dreams

An unrequited love

Undefined pain it is

Strangulated every now and then

Her desires didn’t have a voice while alive

They finally died a silent death

A story untold…

appoopan thadi
Picture Courtesy: Google Image Search

Soon dawn will break

Darkness will fade away

The mist will be gone

Sun rays will peep through the windows

Spring will adorn the deciduous trees

New leaves, new longings

New desires, new wishes

Dark clouds will pour down

Reviving the dried ink

Making her want to rewrite the story

A luscious breeze kissed her forehead

Its touch whispered the password

In her ears that were dying to hear

That courage is the mantra

She shed away all inhibitions

Flew like a free bird

Floated like dandelions

Her smile emitted radiance

She jumped from one branch to another

Dancing like a butterfly

Reliving each one of her unfulfilled dreams

Every life is a new story waiting to be told…

Copyright © 2013 Rekha Nair Dhyani| Dew Drops


9 Replies to “A Story Untold… (Poem)”

  1. Beautiful! I love poems that celebrate the triumph of the human spirit. This one does great justice to that.

  2. Initially was feeling bad then came the next lines which were so optimistic and surprising. Good one Rekha
    Every life is a new story waiting to be told… So true !

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