The Last Wish

A story I had written last summer. One for the weekend.

Dew Drops

So this is what you do all day long. Eat, drink and sleep!”

She was startled by a husky voice. A man in his early 40s, unshaven and visibly rude had just kicked the center table.

She might be tired. Have some mercy on her. Leave her alone.

Amminniamma, Satheesan’s Mom, had always tried to protect her.

Marriages are made in heaven.

Are they?


She had just turned 18 and given her +2 exams.

Amma called out, “Maalu, get up and get ready. Go to the temple. Today is Monday.


She turned to the other side and slept off again holding on to a pillow.

Amma called out again, “Maalu, get up before Acha comes back from his regular paddy field visit.

Suddenly, Malini disappears from the bed only to be seen fresh and ready to go to the temple…

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