He Ate Eggs and Burped!!!

And with that burp, he slept forever. 😦

On Thursday evening the ‘good’ part of me decided to get some veggies and other stuff stocked at home for the maid ‘auntyji‘ as we were to go out of station for the weekend. Having bought enough milk, veggies and fruits for her I stepped into the last shop, picked up 7 eggs and hurried home as it was already 8.40 p.m. I was almost on the last few steps to get into my house when my neighbor barked unexpectedly making me stumble. I lost balance and was about to fall down the stairs, but caught hold of the railing. But my veggie bag wasn’t lucky enough. It fell down those twelve stairs. I stared at the neighbor and barked with the same intensity as him.

Frudo, I hate you.

By the way, he is Frudo, our neighbor’s pet dog. A black Pomeranian.

I stepped down and picked up my shopping back and got into the house after giving one more stare to Frudo, who was now quiet.

Once home, I opened the bag to find 3 out of the 7 eggs broken. I slowly removed each of the contents to find that my watermelon was now almost a smoothie mixed with the eggs. And that’s when I was reminded of my phone which immediately started burping, errr ringing.

Yes. You guessed it right! The phone was there inside my shopping bag and now was fast asleep after having had a healthy meal of 3 raw eggs and a few burps.

I yelled. 😡

Frudo, I hate you even more. I hate you to the power of infinity.


How could I use a mobile that was completely drenched in egg yolk. I put it beneath the running tap. Alas! It breathed its last with just a few blinks. Later I shifted the SIM to hubby’s old handset and tried it. It didn’t work. That phone too was faulty. Got the phone repaired, but still it wouldn’t work. The SIM too just like the phone was dead.

Sob sob! 😥

So I had an ideal vacation over the weekend with me being completely incommunicado. All thanks to my not-so-beloved Frudo!

I have nothing against pets if they are managed well. Please don’t think that I hate Frudo because he is a dog or because my phone expired because of him or because my SIM card too breathed its last because of him. I honestly DO NOT hate him at all. I am actually annoyed at the carelessness of the owners.

It is just a few weeks back that my other neighbor’s 4-year old daughter fell down the stairs and suffered head injury as she got scared when Frudo started barking. We confronted the owners and they refused to accept their mistake and vowed to remain silent. Last week when the ‘man’ of the house was spotted and I told him about the incident and requested him  to keep their door near the stairs locked so that no unaware climbers (children or old people) get injured or shocked. You’ll be amazed at his response.

Mujhe samajh nahi aata ki log darte kyun hain? A chhota sa baby hi toh hai.

Translation: “I don’t understand why are people so scared? It’s just a small baby only.

I couldn’t help but mutter to him, “You won’t understand it since that girl wasn’t your daughter. And you’ll not till you have one.

But I doubt if he understood it at all.

Shail had written this post, Dog is a dog is a dog, or not?, and her reply to my response which is given below is something that I think every pet owner needs to consider.

Click on the picture for more clarity.

This incident taught me seven important lessons.

1. Do not let the ‘good’ part of you think only about the living maid. Give some regard to the non-living phone too.

2. Let your hubby starve but do not ever buy eggs yourself. Leave some work for him.

3. If you do buy them out of your excessive love for your spouse, do not keep them in the shopping bag especially if you have a dog as your neighbor.

4. Watermelon mixed with egg might be a very good face pack and an excellent conditioner for your hair.

6. Put up a notice board on the ground floor requesting everyone to use earplugs while climbing up the stairs to our apartments.

7. And last but not the least, the importance of that old telephone index book that used to adorn the side table in the drawing room of my parents’ home. I have lost all numbers and I do not have any penned down anywhere else. Mom had specifically said that laziness doesn’t take you anywhere. If only I had paid attention.

Very very expensive lessons. Sigh!


Now every time I see Frudo I feel like he is making fun of me. 😦

Signing off,

Still incommunicado,

Yours truly


9 Replies to “He Ate Eggs and Burped!!!”

  1. I am a pet owner, and I think my German Shepherds are cute and harmless, and the dacshund is such a fur-baby … but I will not inflict them on others. Of course they are scary to others, and can inflict damage. Great post, and I think it required courage to write it.

    1. Thank you, Ritu ma’am! This was going on within me for sometime now. Thought of letting it out than fuming within. I feel sorry for the poor creature who is not even aware of what his generous barks end up resulting in. Just want the owners to be a little considerate towards children and old people who climb up and get scared at the unexpected barking. Yes. It did take some amount of courage to write this.

  2. Awesome post Rekha, I really like it, and the best part which I really like is this one:
    Let your hubby starve but do not ever buy eggs yourself. Leave some work for him.
    But if the hubby is like me then it is quite more dangerous than anything else. I use to avoid the streets where such frudo types friends reside and on the other hand my little angel use to go on that street only, and start shouting “Doguuuuu” from a mile away only, when reach near to any dog, her words will be “Lo” “Lo”, which actually means Hello, and I usually say: Betu Bye bolo aur chalo… But why will she listen, when she met a dog, she became the happiest (I being the saddest obviously) person of the world 🙂

  3. It is not necessarily fear – unexpected barking when you are thinking of something else does tend to alarm you instinctively even if you have no fear of the dog. And, yes, it can cause harm. I never did understand this about people – why is it that if they find something normal, everyone else who does not find it so is thought of as being nitpicking? Like, if I can sleep with my music system on full-blast, does that mean that my neighbors are idiots for not being able to do so with my system blaring?

    Your lessons were hilarious? So, now, is that water-melon+eggs facepack a part of your every day routine? 😛

  4. I think I understand.. I enjoyed Shail’s post because her love for Luci shines thru and made me smile.. but, yours too I understood because I am not a pet-owner and I really don’t know anything about dogs except what I hear from friends…
    I hope your phone has been replaced now! 🙂

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