RTI – How powerful? Is it powerful?

I could not watch this episode of Satyameva Jayate on Sunday as I was busy getting the girls admitted to a nearby dance school.

At night, I sat down to watch the recording, but it got recorded only from the point where the Adat village of Kerala and its village administration was being discussed. I lost interest and so switched it off and went on to sleep.

Yesterday I read IHM’s post and saw the video clipping embedded. I was busy and so I left it again.

Tonight as I lay down to sleep and was fiddling with my phone hopping between YouTube, FB, G+ and mails, Lil Love started singing the title track of Satyameva Jayate.

Something told me to get back to the episode and so I watched the complete episode. And I’m glad I did.  In case you haven’t watched the episode, please do watch it. Else you’ll miss a lot.

This episode tells us the power of RTI and the Social audits and many stats that at least I wasn’t aware of. But I really wish to know how effective is RTI. I also wish that the Grievance Redressal Act too comes into effect.

My mother, a TGT teacher in a government aided school in the National Capital Territory of Delhi for the last 34 years, has been fighting since 2009 for her LTA for her travel to Kerala in February 2009. It was my little sister’s wedding. She got married, she has become a mother and Mom has travelled at least a dozen times post that trip. But the LTA claim for the year 2009 remains unsettled till date. My Dad has filed RTI twice, but with no resolution or satisfactory response.

Mom has submitted several written requests to the management and Dad has filed for the RTI once again. There has been no response. But the fact is except Mom who is fighting for her rightful money, we have all lost hope.

I wish this post reaches the concerned school authorities and government officials through whatever means and that they provide Mom the rightful compensation through the proper channel.

Mom will retire in another 2 years and I sincerely wish that she receives her dues along with the interest amount.

In case an action is not taken in this matter, I’ll be forced to reveal the institution’s name, the official’s name who handled (read mishandled) the claim and the management team members who are responsible for this delay in the public domain.

Thank you Aamir, Mr.Hedge, Mr.Vinay and all others for providing us with so much of valuable information. This was highly insightful.


10 Replies to “RTI – How powerful? Is it powerful?”

  1. I think no need for any more time for iether the institution or the members they do not have any right for any more time.

  2. It’s sad to know that teacher is still fighting to get her dues. Even more shocking to know that the RTI filings haven’t been helpful either, because my father-in-law I had a pretty encouraging experience with the RTI when he was muddled in a property case in Delhi. I remember how much he and I had to run around the DDA offices only to be sent back with no concrete results. But one RTI filing was all it took for those ‘babus’ to come to senses and act!

    Anyway, I sincerely hope that teacher’s complaints are heard and she does get her LTA claim back soon.

  3. Perhaps the school thinks (rightly or wrongly, I don’t know) that it can get away with anything because school education is the only business which is still 100% a seller’s market.
    However, the fight must go on. All the best!

  4. Downloading it along with other videos of this season, have not watched a single episode this time. There should be a video too for the process of filing the RTI or would see if it is covered in the video.

  5. Reblogged this on Dew Drops and commented:

    And finally after 5 years and multiple RTI requests filed, Mom gets her LTA (Leave Travel Assistance)….Rs.7863. Interest not included as it was not requested for. I am happy because at least it wasn’t a waste of time for my parents. They came out as winners. Indeed persistence pays.

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