Do You Believe In Intuitions?

I do.

Sometimes we do get signals.

Signals that hint at something that is about to happen.

Or signals that tell us that it’s time to stop or divert from our path.

I strongly believe in intuitions, may be because of my experiences in the past.

Yesterday was one such day with signals coming my way more than once…

But for some silly reason, my radar didn’t work. May be it was still in the holiday mood. Or may be that is how things were meant to be. Experienced and learnt.

Our regular cab driver and the two replacement cab-drivers who come once in a while are extremely good in conduct, drive within limits, follow rules and are very careful. Yesterday the regular cab driver (who is also the owner, had gone to receive his two new vehicles and so he sent a replacement cab, which was new. The guy was driving in a crazy manner. To be precise he was over-speeding, jumping red lights, overtaking from the wrong sides and what not. We are four of us with the last drop at my place. We kept telling him to drive properly, but after a while he would get back to his crazy style again. So after dropping the person just before me we started and went just about 500 meters when one of the rear-side wheels came off and since the vehicle was in motion, it went and hit the divider right in front of us. The vehicle was almost about to somersault, but it didn’t and went back and touched the ground with a thud. Luckily I was wearing the seat-belt (yes the one which we never take seriously until we spot a traffic constable), so I escaped unhurt. It was definitely scary. The driver hit his head on the steering wheel, but escaped with just a small wound.

The driver had gotten changed the punctured wheel just before picking us up and it seems either he or the workshop guy did not tighten the wheel lug nuts properly.

This was the incident behind my status update this morning.


I’m really thankful to the invisible force, which saves me every single time, which gives me signals, which makes me His/Her presence felt.

I had my mother waiting for me at home. But I wanted her to leave as soon as possible because I didn’t want her to see the fright on my face and get worried. Mom believes I’m very strong and she gathers courage from me, I know. She did leave immediately afterwards. I didn’t want my Dad to come home even though the girls had requested him to come, because I cannot hide anything from him and he cannot see me in pain or worry. He didn’t. I had the girls by my side, which made me realize how lucky I was to have escaped unhurt and how lucky they were to still have their mother. All I wanted was to have the husband by my side…not to console, not to listen, but just to make me feel stronger and just to help me stop the tears of fear that I was fighting hard to stop even while I was congratulating a good friend on his success. The husband for a change reached early yesterday even without knowing about the incident. He somehow understands every time I am in need of him. Telepathy it might be or a celestial connection.

We went for a small walk, bought ice-creams and watched a movie (Queen), all of which are unlikely at our place on a week day. Sometimes it is not words or pampering that we need…it’s just the presence that makes a big difference.

Feeling blessed…


17 Replies to “Do You Believe In Intuitions?”

  1. God bless you! Though shocked, I am happy!

    Yesterday being late in the office, I could not come, as a result what little love did first thing in the morning today is to call me (even before brushing her teeth) and tell me that I broke my promise yesterday. When I told her that I got delayed in the office, she said “Aap ke boss ko thapad marke ajate”. I have promised her that I will be there today evening definitely, though she wanted me in the afternoon itself. See u!

    1. Papa its your dughter who was in danger yesterday still you are remembering only your grand daughters I really wonder what is happening………….

  2. God Bless, Rekha!
    A narrow escape, this was. Even the image that is emerging from your words is hell scary, I cannot dare imagine how it would have been to experience it in the first place.
    Just God Bless! 🙂

  3. You surely have the Gods and angels watching over you Reks, and trust me when I say this, but your love for Vix and the little ones will watch over you 🙂

  4. Well, what was there in your mind at that instant when the accident had occurred? Did you call this supernatural power so called God, Chechi? I know this might be a weird query I asked and you wouldn’t have remembered anything other than the fear ya’d? But still…. 🙂
    – Rahul

  5. First up, thanks for sharing this here. Appreciate your courage.
    This really sounds scarier, when you narrate it. The fear you have experienced is evident in every word.
    Also, the thankfulness you feel.
    It is indeed a cosmic connection that brings our loved ones near us when we are in need. Sometimes, we don’t even have to tell them anything, just an hour or two of sitting near them and sharing the silence itself can reward your mind with peace.
    You’re blessed, as you say, in more ways than one … 🙂
    Hope the driver has been taken to task.
    Take care 🙂

  6. What a lovely post. And you are absolutely right about premonitions and about having a partner who has that telepathy.

  7. chechi to be frank the only way out from my difficult situation now i am facing is to trust the bible words through which god talked to me-just believe me nothing will happen.And i still know he was correct because the incident if had to happen would have happened 1 year before.i know this is a difficult question to ask you-a question of a god doubter.where on earth was god when 239 people on board of that malasyian airplane plunged into indian ocean and if i am correct still no wreckage.i am trying to defend myself with so many answers but i am still failing.if you can come up with a good answer i will appreciate that.

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