The One I Cannot Live Without


The most important person in my life or the VIP in my life…

Any guesses???


No. No. It’s not the love of my life.

No. No. It’s neither Mom nor Dad.

No. Not the in-laws.

Neither is it any of my friends.

No. Not the manager.

Not even the girls.

It’s you darling! Yes, it’s you.

The VIP of my life is none other than you. It took me years to realize this, but I’m glad I finally have realized it and accepted it.

Just like any other relationship, ours too has been through enough of thick and thin periods. The only thing that I believe sustains this relationship is the fact that both of us have the freedom to move out of it as per our will for whatever reasons. What keeps the relationship lively is the fact that you come in all shapes and sizes. I mean all ages and experiences.

I am an emotional creature who believes that all life is sacred and hence I try and provide you with your rightful freedom. That’s philosophy. The truth is I do not have a choice but to give you enough and more of what they call freedom and independence. You’re the dominant partner in this relationship, however hard it may sound to the world and however annoying it is for me to admit this. The need is more for me than for you and thus you can easily decide to walk out of this relationship anytime unlike me.

What would have I done without you? Without you I would have hardly been able to breathe. My life would have been a complete mess without you. How would have I managed the three kids (yes, the mister is no less than a kid himself) all by myself. I am indebted to you in more than one ways, because it is you, your presence, that helps me run the house smoothly.

I can manage without my parents, without the man of the house, without any friends, but you. You’re the love of my life that I do not wish to have, yet forced to have.

Yes, my dear maid! You and you’re the only important person in my life as on date.

I tried avoiding you. I tried not looking back. But I couldn’t help coming back to you. Such is the obsession. The messed up house and the unattended and irritated children are much more annoying and frustrating than handling your tantrums. For some reason, may be the few good deeds that I did in my previous birth, I have been very lucky in getting the best amongst you so far. But the last one of you that I had employed for almost 2 years ditched me knowing very well how dependent I was on her. She made me hate the entire concept of having one of you, so much that I made my entire family suffer along with me for about a month and a half. For now, I have you in the form of a 55+ aunty, who doesn’t make me feel unloved at all. I feel so loved and cared for because all the time she goes on like this,

What kind of job do you do?”

“You keep working on the phone or the laptop?”

“Why do you work so much?”

(If only I could tell her there’s something called passion.)

“Why are you awake?”

“Why are you sleeping in this posture?”

(I swallow my own words, “That’s none of your business auntyjiStop irritating and let me finish my work.”)

“Why are you drinking this and eating that?”

“Why do you eat only one chappati?”

(It’s my tummy. It’s my drink. It’s my wish.)

“Why do you get a haircut done?”

“Why do you use all these useless skin creams and shampoos? You should only use natural things. I’ll teach you all this. Let’s throw away all these creams, shampoos and soaps.”

(Don’t be surprised if my display pic looks scary some time soon.)

I’m just waiting for the day when she’ll ask me, “Why do you breathe? Leave that to me.”


Even with all of this, I admit that it is only because of you that I get to earn the peanuts that I do. I get to get out of the house at my will. I get to travel and work peacefully leaving behind my priced possessions (the man and the girls) with you. I get to read, write, sleep, paint, play with the girls, teach them, go for a movie…and all this peacefully because you are there to help me. I can count on you and leave some tasks unattended.

Without you, even this post wouldn’t have been possible.

Till when…I have no idea.

But for now, Thank you so much my V.I.P! 🙂


This post is part of the WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts program where the aim is to post at least once a day based on the prompts that they have provided. Today’s prompt is, “VIP: Who’s the most important person in your life — and how would your day-to-day existence be different without them?

This is one of the contributions to Project 365 – A Post A Day.


19 Replies to “The One I Cannot Live Without”

  1. Got around to reading this only now and must say that I liked how you played around with the prompt.
    For the first few paragraphs I thought you were referring to all the readers of your blog as the VIPs of your life until you explicitly mentioned that fact that it was your maid who was the VIP
    Nice hilarious post, which reflects the reality of most nuclear double income families today who rely more than just quite a bit on their maids.

  2. Wow this is quite original and convincing! Yes the entire house revolves around ‘the maid’! Your tribute to the ‘maid’ remind us of the importance of being kind and humane towards them.

  3. hahahaha Rekha! I had a huge laugh. Uff these maids. Sid should read this post. He and I are always discussing our Queen maids :). Well yes, what do we do without them. Hilarious!

  4. okay so it’s the maid… well for every lady in the role of housemaker, maid is the best half.. and as some filmy dialogue goes.. “pati chala gya to dusra mil hi jaega par bai chali gayi to…. main lut jaungi”

  5. I agree!
    A helping hand is so much treasured. I remember my mom’s mood swings would depend on the maid…if she is here…she would be happy. If she did not come…mom’s would be a touch-me-not!
    Good post, Rekha

  6. I like how you end it with a sign of gratitude. And that ‘sleeping in this posture’ made me remember all such conversations I had with mine when I was pregnant, and even when I was not.

  7. Hahaha! When I read the title I thought you would mean your maid I think all us women go through the same plight, we simply love our maids no matter what

  8. I seriously thought that it was the blog’s reader and then gradually came down to knowing the VIP and you bet, she/he is THE VIP. Story of our lives.
    But whaat would we do without them. I am so very grateful to S who comes home and more than the work, she is good company for gossiping, exchanging trivia and most often some cooking tips.
    Joy always,

  9. LOL!! First, congratulations on the award! And, second, after my trip to India and talking to my female relatives,I get the heavy dependence on maids!! Yes, thank God for them that you do get the respite you deserve! Hey, maybe your auntyji can give all of us tips on skin treatment!! 😀

  10. Ah, what would we do without them maids! After a disastrous stint with my previous maid, I have learnt to shut my mouth and let her do the things her own way with the current one. I have learnt to tolerate the smudges of Vim I can occasionally find on the vessels, because I cannot bear having to do all the work by myself, every day.

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