The Most Influential Teacher

My post ‘The Most Influential Teacher’ gets into Joyful Reads for the Weekend at Joyfully Green.

Dew Drops

Each of us have our set of favourite teachers and similarly all teachers have their set of favourite students. I say it from my personal experience.

So who do you think is the most influential teacher?

The bell rang and Ms. Alex (name changed) was expected to enter the classroom anytime now.

I was shivering. Shivering with fear. Honestly, I don’t recollect whether it was fear or if there is any name associated with that emotion that I was experiencing.

No. No. I had not committed any mistake. Nor did I do anything wrong. It’s just that I was her ‘pet student’.

I shivered with fear because I was sure that the neatly written pages of my 6th grade Mathematics notebook will shortly get crossed with a red-ink pen, almost tearing off the page or it will be sent flying into the dustbin. None of this because the sums were…

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