Just Six Evenings : Book Review


A saleman’s love story, has been beautifully portrayed by author Tanmay Dubey in Just Six Evenings. The story revolves around Atul Shukla’s emotional roller-coaster in love, friendship and career. With subtle humor coupled with a thrilling plot, the book makes for a wonderful read. 

Be it Atul or Priya, the love of his life, or the other lead characters, each one has been portrayed really well.

The story begins with Atul getting into police custody at DLF Phase II Police Station in Gurgaon and then takes a flash back mode covering his journey from the small town Raipur to his sales job at Tectronics, Bhopal, to how he accidentally but fortunately bumps into Priya, to his stint at an MNC in the Millenium city, Gurgaon to how he ends up in a police station. His friendship with Lovely and Ramakant are one enviable part of the story.

The love story is spiced up with interesting characters like Lovely Chadha, Guruji and Kodaji.

The suspense created through the first chapter Beginning of the End was carried out throughout. Carelessness of youth, anxiety of doing something better in life, love and the excitement it brings along, fading innocence with the climbing of higher steps of the corporate ladder, the fight of the conscious mind between right and wrong, ethical and unethical, everything is so well detailed.

The best chapter of all is Those six days and evenings.I would sum it up as Love, the undefined, defined.

What unveils after Priya’s ‘I do.’ is the soul and substance of the book.

For a debut attempt, the story line is extremely good. Garnished with the right mix of humor and a thrilling suspense, Just Six Evenings is worth reading for anyone interested in fiction.

Rating: 3 out of 5

A better copy-editing from renowned publishers would do much more justice to the author’s hard work and efforts. 

The Author

Born and raised in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India, Tanmay has been a voracious reader since childhood. This avocation soon led him to discover a new passion—writing! He is currently based in Gurgaon, Haryana, woking for over 12 years as an IT professional. A mechanical engineer with an MBA by profession, he is also a film critic and maintains a blog and Facebook page, Tanmay’s Movie Adda, on movie reviews.

This debut novel has emerged out from his firsthand experience in the IT Industry, which is sure to intrigue readers as he reveals the murky secrets of the corporate underbelly.

The book was officially launched in India on 15th February, 2014 and is now available on all leading online stores and retail showrooms, including Flipkart and Amazon. For international customers, the book is available for sale on Amazon.com and Amazon.uk. A Kindle edition is also available. An ebook too is available for download on your reading devices.

Title: Just Six Evenings
Author: Tanmay Dubey
ISBN: 978-1-4828-1040-0 | Softcover | 380 pages| 15th November 2013
Price: Rs.275/-
Publisher: Patridge Publishing

Website: www.justsixevenings.com


2 Replies to “Just Six Evenings : Book Review”

  1. Seems a very interesting book. Thanks for a lovely review Rekha. Wow Tanmay’s Jabalpur antecedents reminds me of my days in Jabalpur where I did my engineering

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