I pretend

A poem I had penned sometime back. One of my favourites. Do read and share your views.

Dew Drops

‘I pretend’ is a poem describing what you and I have gone through or are going through. It’s something one does because they value relationships.

Alas!!! No one understands. 😦


I know.
But I pretend I don’t.
I heard.
But I pretend I haven’t.
I saw.
But I pretend I didn’t.
I understand.
But I prefer to play ignorance.
I felt.
But I pretend I have no feelings.
It pains.
But I pretend it doesn’t.
It hurts terribly deep within.
But I pretend it doesn’t hurt at all.
I pretend n I pretend n I pretend
Only to be ignored, hurt, broken and shattered.

I promise to keep pretending
For all I wish to remember are the good times till eternity.

P.S. :- The moment you realize you’re becoming a burden in any relationship, it’s better to rescue the other party by setting them free. That way, you will never hate…

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10 Replies to “I pretend”

  1. Beautiful poem about a sad reality.
    There’s something drastically wrong about a relationship that survives mainly because of too much pretending. Of course, many people often choose to continue in such relationships, not because they value the relationship itself, but because they want to avoid the side-effects to breaking the relationship.

    1. Very well said! Another aspect is that the other person doesn’t even realise what this person is going through because they do not communicate, but pretend. Suffocating it sure would be.

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