Martian Adventure

It’s only once in a blue moon that the Master…err Mister makes a divine presence on my blog and showers his constructive criticism. 🙂 As I always say, he is my biggest critic (of course, next to Daddy dearest), so it indeed is a dream come true to have the better half  guest posting on Dew Drops.  WORDS have a very important role in bringing us together. My posts might have already familiarized you with him and his quirkiness. 😉 Hence without further ado let’s read what he mused last night after a hard day at work.


Beep beep beep….



Who’s that?

I am Vix from Delhi, India

What…who… from where…what do you need?

Nothing… just wanted to say hi to you… what’s your name?

I don’t know you and don’t need anything. Don’t bother me and just BO

What’s BO?

Bugger Off you moron… Who the earth are you?

Told you I am Vix from Delhi, India

You mean India… Asia… Earth… What the $%^&#… Are you nuts?

Nope! What’s your name and where are you based?

I am Y 🙂 … from Colony X70, Mars

Maaaaaaars!!!!!… Which year is that YO?

Its 2204… and my name is Y 🙂 not YO and why are you so surprised you prankster?


Oh I am sorry Y 🙂  ! Can’t believe that I am actually talking to someone in future.

Future? Now com’on tell me who you really are and stop pulling a fast one on me?

I mean it Y 🙂 I am messaging you from Delhi India through my iPad

Oh Human God… you serious… you mean Asia… Earth? But didn’t life get over on earth in 2147?

Whaaaat? What are you saying Y 🙂 ?

Of Course!! I can replay it on my Frooble glass 1200 from the history of solar system and Milky Way tab… I can beam it to on your Frooble glass too… wait a nanosecond you said you were using an iPad.

Yes. Why are YOU surprised now?

We have one of these iPads in our History of Earth Museum…  Some pictures have Human Gods holding them.

Wow… You mentioned about Frooble glass you mean Google glass… right?

Ha ha ha… Google was generations back… after Facebook and Google merged they became Frooble. This is 1000th version of the 1st one.

1000th version… which year you said you were in?

2204 you earthling… technology changes every few hours now

OMG… I just can’t believe all this… tell me more Y 🙂

Tell What?

When were you born, what’s your gender, who are your parents, what do you do, how is Mars, how are Martians, are there aliens?

Give me your Frooble glass no. I will beam you.

Beam me? What does that mean?

I meant I will beam you my Mars Aadhaar 101.2 card via ultra yellow rays that has answers to all your questions

I don’t have a Frooble… even Google Glass is not launched yet… how about you just messaging me over phone.


Phone… you still use phones to communicate… you haven’t got VIS yet?

What’s a VIS now?

Virtually Implanted SIMs that are injected into infants. These multi-purpose SIMs allow babies to acquire all the knowledge and senses about solar system and its people, languages, cultures, skills and processes in one single shot.

So you mean I just called you and am speaking to you on a gadget inserted in your body? Where is your speaker then?

Ha ha ha… you earthling have too many stupid questions… VIS is implanted on our forearms. We just turn our palm towards our face to activate it and the virtual screen comes alive on our palm…

That’s so cool – who invented it?

Some Great Grandson of Sir Mistry discovered an ancient device in his belongings. He is known to have developed a device called 6th Sense. We now have the 10th sense with us.

What are these additional senses Y 🙂  We only have vision, hearing, speaking, seeing, touching and smelling

You are so primitive… we have evolved and have sense of Gut, Instinct, Morality, Empathy and the Uncommon.

What is UnCommon Sense Y 🙂 ?

Common sense that is SO Uncommon amongst folks like you.

OK… Tell me more about life at Mars

More is No More at Mars… We are all are descendants of Human Gods, we are known as Androids. We pray and follow Human Gods.

Humans have got a Godly status on Mars!!!


Yes, they built us with their DNA and have enabled us to procreate, develop and evolve ourselves without their intervention. Just as Humans were a highly evolved bio mechanic species capable of independent thinking, decision-making and procreation. Human Gods have probably moved to a different galaxy now but we believe that they continue to keep a watch on us

Tell me more about yourself  Y 🙂  Why such an unusual name?

What’s unusual in this… we use letters of the now ancient English script with symboticons…we have shortened our words to save time and break monotony. For example my Parent 1 name was @M and Parent 2 name was G#!

Parent 1 and 2… your parents did not have any names?

We have a choice to choose any character as our name… there are no males and females… we can even clone ourselves

You can even CLONE YOURSELF!




“What were you blabbering? How come that Honey Singh has so much effect on you that you kept on mumbling Yo Yo even in sleep? Man, I doubt now, are you straight? Or have you changed preferences?”

A drenched me could decipher from this rather loud shouting that I was back on earth and in the present time zone. And this non-stop questioning machine is none other than my sleep-talking partner Rex.

Forgot to check with Y 🙂  if they have movies and stars on Mars too… Hope to be able to continue the conversation with my Martian friend tonight. And may be I’ll get to record a trailer of Frooble glass when he beams it on my Frugal glass. 😉


This post is part of the WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts program where the aim is to post at least once a day based on the prompts that they have provided. Today’s prompt is, “Back to the future: A service has been invented through which you can send messages to people in the future. To whom would you send something, and what would you write?

This is one of the contributions to Project 365 – A Post A Day.


15 Replies to “Martian Adventure”

  1. Hmm…maybe we should recruit Vix for Project 365 along with Aseem
    Great tongue in cheek humor and reference to all those technology gizmos that rule our world now. And as we can see, the future is only to get more integrated :). Brilliant take on the prompt

  2. Though it is highly imaginative,some of it at least are in the realm of possibility in a few decades.It sustained the interest throughout.

  3. Very creative, Vikesh. From Frooble to Mars Aadhaar 101.2 card, this was one interesting read. Love the bit about ‘common sense’. Rekha, make him do this more often. What an enjoyable read!

  4. Lovely lovely take on the prompt Reks, what can I say other than “Welcome Vix to the club with open arms”. Really loved how he managed to give us a glimpse into what the future just might be, with so many ‘pop culture’ references to present technology 😀

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