Reflections From the River of Life

Hellos peoples!!!

I know I know that you didn’t miss me though I missed you all a lot. I’m back after a hectic two weeks. Lots of learning, lots of work and lots of fun it was.


Here’s a click from Miramar beach at Goa clicked on my recent official trip. The header pic too was clicked from the lobby of The Marriott Resort & Spa that we stayed at. Amazing property and yummilicious food. Witnessed two big fat Indian weddings in between our struggle with figures and curves. Hello, the Excels and the PPTs, unlike what you were thinking about. 😛

Feels guilty that even after staying by the beach, I could only visit it twice. Better luck next time. Hope to be able to touch upon your blog posts in the coming days.

Have a great weekend! And stay blessed. 🙂

Lots of Love,
Rex (akka T-Rex) 😀


6 Replies to “Reflections From the River of Life”

  1. Hey, Rekha I’ve been to Miramar and it’s a lovely beach. Next time, visit Palolem in South Goa which has one of the best beaches. Hope you are fine and been missing you on social network.

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