The Cradle in My Heart


You came into our lives when all was dull, no hopes were alive, at least for me. Never did I imagine that a simple ‘POSITIVE‘ on a pregnancy test report could make someone change so much within seconds. You brought back joy into our lives. You and you are the only one I have spoken to so much without expecting a reply. You and you are the only one with whom I have shared all my woes and my happiness just by seeing you swim as a tadpole on the monitor attached to the ultra-sonography machine. As you grew big enough to tickle me from within and gave me butterflies in my tummy, I started writing a diary for you. Just for you and me. I wrote whatever I wanted to tell you, from the stupidest of jokes to the silliest of incidents.

Nobody, including your Dad knew that I was no more. Yes. I was no more alive. While everyone was worried for your Mom, what they all didn’t realize was that their daughter, wife, sister, friend had died a peaceful death only to resurrect as your Mom on that beautiful cozy afternoon of February.

7th February 2006 | The Day I was Reborn

Ananya @ Day 7
Anu @ Day 7

I still remember the first sight of you. Completely covered in blood and tissues. You looked around at everyone and as soon as you looked at me, you let out your first cry, that I tell you was the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard. Later on after cleaning you up, they wrapped you in a green cloth (trademark of hospitals) and only your swollen face (courtesy your 39 weeks stay in my amniotic sac) was visible. They did cut the umbilical chord, but it only strengthened the bond and my love for you.

anu with dad

anu with me

Your Dad was on an international trip officially and had won an award for the best sales performer almost around the same time of your birth. I still remember how excited he was to hear you wail over the phone. You know what he asked me? He asked, “Is this our baby? How loud is she crying! Does she have so much energy? I can hear her like she’s right next to me.” He met you on the night of the 6th day of your birth, and he kept staring at you all night long. For the next 2 days, it was really difficult to make him hand you over to me for even feeds and baby bath.

I forgot to mention that he returned like Santa Claus with bags and baggage with stuff only for you. Trust me when I tell you that till you were 5, I didn’t have to buy you clothes, because he had bought it all in one shot. He had bought feeding bottles that could have been enough for the children of the entire colony. Our colleagues of those days can give you an eye-witness account of his mad shopping. 🙂 Honestly, that I guess was the first and the last time your Dad did a shopping like that. 😀

Anu @ 6 months
Anu @ 6 months

You grew up as the most disciplined baby without us making any efforts until the day when our Lil Love entered our lives to add the necessary madness and mischief. I’m glad she did manage to make you more open, more competitive, more confident and more active.

anu collage

You have now grown up to the extent that you feel your Mom is not as intelligent as you, because she can’t guess the little riddles you share as soon as she enters home in the evenings. But I’m glad you are proud to see your Mom write snippets from your life for your future reading. Some of the stories that you make me repeat over and over again are a part of this blog. It makes me smile when you call me, “Rex Dewdrops” and how you come and shake hands with me and declare yourself, “Yay! I shook hands with the best blogger in the world.. 🙂 Nothing and nothing else makes me happy than your vibrant smile.


You’ll continue to grow faster and faster, taller and taller, wiser and wiser. But to me, you’ll always be my little girl who is my courage and is my reason to continue to believe in love.


Mamma loves you a lot baby! No measuring cup, no measuring scale can ever let you know what I feel for you.

A Very Happy Birthday to the first apple of our eyes, Anu!

Lots and lots of Love,

Your dumbo Mamma 🙂


41 Replies to “The Cradle in My Heart”

  1. Aww…now isn’t that the sweetest ever 🙂 Lovely post…from the heart as always Rekha. I wont write anything more, but this has to be the most touching post ever. Anu is sure one lucky young lady ! Happy Birthday to Anu, and happy re-birthday to you, Rekha !

  2. Here’s wishing Anu a very happy birthday and here’s wishing your entire family a lifetime of happiness and togetherness with love filling every little gap in there

  3. I still remember how I had said to Jiju’s Boss, “I want to speak to Jiju right away. Let him leave all meetings.”, as I was also so happy and excited to share the biggest happiness of our life: arrival of Ninnu. 🙂 Happy B’day to my lil Jerry Mouse. Love Maasi

  4. Happy Birthday to Anu! And I can so relate to each and every feeling you have shared here Didi! Went through something similar when planning, and how it fills your heart when you hear the first lob-dub-dub of their heart beats is just so inexplicable!!!

  5. It is a novel way of telling the story.I liked it
    Happy birthday to the girl.Many happy returns of the day
    I am sure she will make you proud of her.

  6. Rekha, Lovely pictures of your daughter. Also, never say never about Dad’s shopping. Your daughter is a princess. It was a small peek in your life as a mother too. I guess, motherhood changes us so very much 🙂 Happy Birthday Ananya.

  7. Ponnu’s birthday is always an occasion we all look forward to in the early part of each year! It brings our family even closer – year-after-year! At this stage of life Ponnu, Swarnam and Kannan all brought more luck and happiness to our family. God has been very kind to us. May God Bless the little angels always!!! Love to you all!

  8. wow rex, almost felt as its happening right now. Just the way you have your father’s letters, Anu will have the blogs. just thinking of anu reminds me of her smile. God bless her!

  9. Just Beautiful! I have no other words to say what I feel after reading this post. As a mom, I have come across similar feelings and love that can’t be expressed even in my writings through my blog. You have expressed those things well here. Convey my wishes to your daughter and may your love bond grow stronger every day

  10. I had shortened it as Ana for Ananya but missing it by one letter, and correcting the human error, I would love to wish Anu a very happy birthday!

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