The Window Sill

Aditi and Rahul have been married for 9 years now and lead a fairly happy and peaceful lives with their twin daughters Pihu and Piya in their moderately lavish apartment in Bangalore. Aditi had by choice quit her corporate job when the twins were born. Initially she was absolutely happy taking care of the twins and the household. It’s been 7 years and she was now getting tired of this monotonous routine. Rahul has been really busy putting in extra efforts at work in order to sustain the corporate pressures and this was definitely taking a toll on his health and their married life. Though on the outside everything seemed absolutely normal, there was something that was missing in their life and it was creating a void between them.

Now that Pihu and Piya are well settled in their school life, Aditi decided to get back to work. After months of striking off ads in the classifieds section and talking to more than a dozen consultants, Aditi finally settled in for a position of Group Manager at a well-known manufacturing organization. The sabbatical made it difficult for her to keep pace with the fast corporate life. It took her a few weeks to settle down and speed up to her employer’s expectations. Ankit, one of her counter-parts in the company, was extremely supportive and helped her fasten up things.


It’s been a year at work and Aditi is one of the most treasured employees of the company. Her swiftness, analytical abilities together with the double-digit revenue growth and an impressive profit output, made her a star performer in the continent within the first year itself.

Rahul’s workaholic nature had already created a fair distance between them in terms of communication and understanding. Now that Aditi too was passionate about building her career and had lesser time for their relationship, the gap deepened further more.

Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on during difficult times. The accessibility and the easily approachable nature of Ankit is what made Aditi be good friends with him in the beginning. But it was Ankit’s helpful nature and his support during tough times that made their relationship travel a little beyond friendship. Both of them were aware that they had loving families back home, but were getting entwined emotionally even without their knowledge.

When you are in love, however hard you try, you can’t hide it. Slowly Aditi and Ankit started becoming the talk of the town. They were the topic at cafe tables and hushed gossips in the corridors. Gossip mongers had a nice feast and the news spread like wild-fire and within no time reached the spouses of both Aditi and Ankit.

Tension brewed in both households and started affecting the kids. Pihu and Piya were not old enough to understand the complications caused by the intermingling of the delicate strings that can hold or break relationships. But kids are too good with intuitions and are born with the skill of reading faces, intentions and situations.

Rahul was feeling betrayed and couldn’t take it anymore. After a few legal consultations, he filed for divorce.

The elders of the family as well as counselors did their best to make both Rahul and Aditi understand how it is going to affect Pihu and Piya.

On the other hand Ankit too was having a tough time with his wife who was threatening to destroy Aditi’s future. His only son was sent to boarding school in order to avoid witnessing altercations between his parents.


Image Courtesy: Google Image Search
Image Courtesy: Google Image Search

Aditi was sitting with a cup of coffee on the window sill of her studio apartment reminiscing good old times spent with Rahul. A tear or two fell down her cheeks as her thoughts shifted to the time she shared with Ankit. As she sipped her coffee, she wished life too had popular buttons like “Edit“, “Undo“, “Redo“, “Unfriend“, “Block“, “Alt+F4” etc.,. she could have at least pressed “Escape“.

Memories good or bad, old or new, can be a great company, even though extremely painful.

While Pihu was sitting on the couch looking at the photos in an old album, Piya was dusting off her father’s picture hanging on the wall next to the window sill where Aditi was seated.

Aditi went upto Piya and said, “A Very Happy Birthday My Girls!

It was their 12th birthday.


This post is part of the WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts program where the aim is to post at least once a day based on the prompts that they have provided. Today’s prompt is, Choose your adventure: Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.”

The author Rekha Dhyani is one of the contributors to the Project 365 – A Post A Day and blogs regularly at Dew Drops. She also shares her lucky clicks at The Crystal Trance.


21 Replies to “The Window Sill”

  1. The couple could stay away from each other for some time and try to work out a relationship. Divorce in the short run is an easy and quick solution. With a demanding work schedule , can Aditi do justice to her girls? Aditi should not get entangled with office colleagues.

  2. Fantastic, Rekha. I really loved how you left the ending open. Also, you used “love” in a non-stereotypical way. Contrary to the way our “culture” will have us believe, we may find love multiple times in your life. There is no ranking the people we love or measuring the quantity of love… its just there… it just happens 🙂 And we make choices… some of them to suppress our feeling, some to rip off all existing bonds to follow your heart. Its all admissible 🙂

    Jacob (TMH)

  3. Rekha,you have delivered on the prompt. I’ll give you that. It’s indeed open ended and the narrative is crisp. Of course I get the point of the post and prompt would be to let the readers invent the conclusion, or rather have their own version of how it ended. As for the actual story it’s sadly a true reflection of that happens everywhere. We blame it on the corporate culture and the fast paced life. But I disagree there, it’s marriage. Marriage makes us take each other for granted to an extend. Especially where both couples are working. We expect each other to understand little things. But these collection of little things ultimately just collate together and make it one big mess. Anyway, that’s just my opinion 🙂

  4. This is a story I have seen taking birth in front of me when I was working.. seen how the lack of communication destroys relationships… and loved the way you left the ending… just giving a sense of it :)… Have you read the book Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes… it is based on the same concept and is brilliantly written

  5. I think she should move on with her daughters. I can only feel sorry for Rahul for not having balanced himself well between work and home. A lesson learnt bitter way.
    This was a good read Rekha.

  6. very well weaved’s a fantastic story with open ends.. upto the readers to decide..
    coming over to the situation – both partners need to put in some efforts to keep the marriage going and the love intact. it’s not easy when both the partners are career oriented and there are children who need attention.

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