The Four Wheels

After Dad’s accident in February 2000, a head-on collision of his Premier Padmini with DTC bus number 307, he never bought a car. We also never encouraged. He doesn’t remember those two days of his memory till date. Though the condition of the car made us lose all hopes of his survival, but by God’s grace he ended up with a few broken ribs and some wounds and scratches. He received immediate medical attention because it happened early in the morning right in front of Mom’s eyes when she was waiting for the school bus at the bus stand. I cannot imagine what she went through till he was back to normal. One of the experiences which made me more daring and responsible as I had to handle the policemen who came in at weird hours forcing us to lodge a complaint against the driver. Mom didn’t want these regular unscheduled visits from the men in uniform because she wanted to attend to her husband peacefully. That was the first time I learnt what being assertive was. I drove them away after a few arguments on why we would not want to lodge a complaint and why they should not trouble victims at weird hours. The thing was that they came in to source money. From us and from the driver. The driver did come and apologize and Dad was unhurt, so Mom didn’t want to get into a legal battle which could run into years with no results. She was more worried about us, two young girls in the house. That’s a chapter of our lives we have all shut and dumped just like Dad’s memory of those two days.

Though we never encouraged Dad to buy a new car, we all knew very well how much he wanted to have one. I always wanted to buy him one for his love for cars, but monetary situations and my fears never allowed me to.

In 2006 when Anu was born, I refused to take her out on two wheeler for fear that she might fall ill or we might lose her. (Yeah, I was really really possessive and cranky having gone through some bad phases. Feel bad for the family which handled my craziness with love and affection.) So thus, in 2006, I bought a second hand Maruti Suzuki 800, which I gifted Dad. That’s when Dad encouraged me to learn driving too so I can take care of myself and the kid without depending on anyone. And thus started my big journey with the ‘L’ board or ‘the Laloo board’ as it is commonly known as in saadi Dilli.


So I went to learn driving during my maternity leave and everything was fine on days other than weekends when the husband used to join me. Trust me when I say, learn driving from anyone, at any hour, but from your husband. The guy would never let me drive peacefully. He went:

‘Thok do, thok do…’ (Translates to Hit, hit…)






‘Left, Right, Left…’

My instructor had told me clearly that if he continued to accompany me, I’ll never learn driving. That’s when Dad started giving me lessons. I got it all so easily, but the love of my life started accompanying me again.

So though I took the driving lessons twice and got my driving license much before the man, I never gained confidence in driving alone.


A few months down the lane, the husband got a car from his new company under their policy. A brand new Hyundai Accent. More than him, I was the one who was beaming gleefully. I thought that was my chance to learn the lessons left. So off we went to learn driving again. This time from him, in his car. So just a few yards from home was this temple with a peepal tree and the ‘Mr.’ again said, ‘Thok do, Thok do…’ and I obeyed.

You must appreciate the fact that I’m really obedient. 😛


A few weeks later the same man took out his sister for driving classes in his car and was so patiently sitting while she learned her lessons. I was sitting right behind, fuming vigorously. But then I know Dad who was patient with me would not be so patient with Mom.

Moral of the Story

A man will have confidence in every other woman on earth, but his wife, when it comes to his priced possessions like a car, a camera or an iPad. 

A generalization which might or might not fit into your stories. 😀

On a different note, it would be wrong to blame the husband completely for my lack of confidence to drive in the crazy Delhi traffic. But yes, he could have been a little more encouraging and supportive. I’m just waiting for the day he’s going to teach driving lessons to his daughters. That’ll be my day. Hee Haw…:-D

So, did I make you smile on this Sunday morning? If yes, leave your comments in the comment box below. 😀

*All pictures used in the post are a result of Google Image Search on Driving School.


This post is part of the WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts program where the aim is to post at least once a day based on the prompts that they have provided. Today’s prompt is, “Apply yourself : Describe your last attempt to learn something that did not come easily to you. 

The author Rekha Dhyani is one of the contributors to the We Post Daily and blogs regularly at Dew Drops. She also shares her lucky clicks at The Crystal Trance


18 Replies to “The Four Wheels”

  1. Brilliant take on the prompt Rekha, and an amusing story too. Unfortunately I fit into the other generalisation category. I’m actually quite ok with the Mrs. using my “precious gadgets”. But I have noticed your story unfold amongst a few other families too. So I get the gist. Lovely post Rekha 🙂 And good luck with your driving !

  2. Amusing post, Rekha! I wonder if your husband was less excitable while teaching his sister because by then you had already thoko-ed his brand new car. After all, it’s only the first dent which is the most painful!

  3. “‘Thok do, Thok do…’ and I obeyed” was good! 🙂
    Nice post, though I don’t agree with the moral.
    Many people, including women, believe women are generally not as good at driving as men.
    But, quite a few men not only show confidence in women, but encourage them to overcome their hesitation/reluctance to drive.
    My attitude to cars and driving is: “It’s OK if the car gets scratched or dented, so long as nothing happens to the occupants.”

  4. Ha ha…. I have heard many ladies say this about their husbands. My mom ‘thokofied’ the car once following dad’s instructions too! I got my Indian licence from a tutor while I was in college. UAE licence also from a tutor in Abu Dhabi. So I was saved both from my dad and my hubby. But both were very good back seat drivers until I told them to shut up! 😀

    You indeed made my Sunday morning. But please eh, stop being so obedient in life. :p

  5. My husband drives me insane when I try to drive with him in the car. Because of that, I always make him drive that way I don’t have to hear his constant griping about how I am driving, when I should stop, when I should get over. Get the picture..LOL I sure can relate to this post!

  6. That’s an amusing post. And ah well, I do have my own opinion on women drivers.. I have been driving for a good 20 years now and I bet I drive better than my husband, any day! So 🙂

  7. hehehe I just can’t stop laughing, Rekha! Indeed, men can be such troublesome companions when wives drive. Mine has learned to keep quite. And, I liked your obedience a lot ;-). Your incident reminds me of a time in the US when I was learning driving the automatic car with US rules. Mind you, I knew driving and had a license too. Yet, the husband gave me grief. I got so mad that I threatened to either bang the car or walk right out of the car in the thick of traffic. I guess he learned quickly enough what a firebrand he had married :)! That was a fun post!

    1. 😀 Glad to see that the incident made you laugh. 😀 As for my obedience, I am obedient only when I’m not supposed to be. 😉 “I threatened to either bang the car or walk right out of the car in the thick of traffic.” You sure are a firebrand. 😀

  8. I bet he doesn’t appreciate what an obedient wife he has. It reminds me a long tale about Mulla Nasiruddin and his donkey. 🙂

  9. I can so relate to this post, Rekha!! I remember when I took driving lessons from Maruti Driving School, the instructor in one of our theory class clearly told us NOT to practice at home with our respective husbands! LOL 😀 You are truly an obedient wife. Did he let you drive his car after that?? 😀

    1. Ha ha ha…I didn’t know that professional training schools too were aware of this. 😀 And hey, I did bang but not so much to get a dent on the car. Else, he would have filed for a divorce and asked for a hefty amount as compensation. 😀 Honestly, he does want me to learn and drive by myself, but the fact remains that I have lost complete interest. 🙂 So never tried again.

  10. I personally believe that fathers makes the best driving teachers followed by the driving school instructors, husbands (myself included) are the worst ever driving teachers that women can have. This is a lot of personal experience speaking here.

    Loved how you managed to convert a relatively serious and introspective prompt into quite a hilarious post which is almost like a mirror to each and every husband out there, including myself 😀

    1. Jairam, glad to know that there are others in his league. 😉 This one was a spontaneous one and thus before penning down even I wasn’t very sure that it would end up being hilarious. 😀 Good to see that I could make many people smile on a Sunday morning. 🙂

  11. I was completely able to relate to this post, Rekha.. Rajesh used to do the same thing for me and I used to get really jittery.. as a result, even after learning car driving 3 times, I still don’t drive.. :-)..

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