Spreading Smiles

When I was a child, Mom always used to tell me to keep smiling as it makes the onlookers happy. Don’t know if I took it seriously then or understood the underlying meaning, but I always have a smile on my face. Thanks to my Mom!

Now that I’m a mother and though I want to instill values, virtues and principles in my children, I seldom tell them to do something because I feel it is right. I prefer exposing them to situations and making them judge what is right and what is wrong. This practice might prove wrong in certain cases, but till now it has definitely helped me. They judge a situation by themselves and they learn what is right and what is wrong. And anything that we learn by ourselves remains within us for a lifetime. That’s what I believe in.

Last weekend, along with Little Love (the younger one) I went to pick up Anu (the elder one) from her weekly Abacus classes. On our way back, I hired a rickshaw. As the rickshaw moved, Little Love started waving and shouting out to people,

Namaste Chowkidaar Uncle”

“Hello Tailor Bhaiya

“Hi Didi

“Aunty, kaise ho?”

Anu and I were feeling a bit awkward and were pulling Little Love to sit back and be quiet. This is when my little Mother Teresa tells us,

“See Mamma, I’m making them smile. They are all happy and are waving at me. It is good to make people happy. Isn’t it?”

I was touched. My 5-year old knew how to spread happiness without much of an effort.

Picture Courtesy: izquotes.com

I was reminded of this quote from Mother Teresa that makes a lot of sense to me every time I read it. Yes. I have a poster of this one at home and it is there on the first page of my diary. I find it really powerful and meaningful.

You can be a billionaire but you can’t live peacefully if you don’t have a pinch of love in your life.

My Dad’s ex-boss was a very famous industrialist and had assets worth crores. He had a beautiful wife, no kids, but lots of nieces and nephews courtesy his brothers and sisters. His wife died a lonely death in pain while he was busy in his corporate meetings discussing mergers and acquisitions. But he did love her because after her death, he had a huge photograph of her hung on one of the walls of a huge room in his mansion. He used to scold the servants for having switched off the air-conditioner of the room or if the flowers of the garland had started to wither. He was worried that his wife, who was now a mere photograph on the wall, might feel suffocated without the AC.

Why do we need death to tell us what should matter to us and what should be our priorities? I never understood this. 

I don’t watch many movies. Correction: I don’t get to watch many of my choice as there’s only one remote which has to be shared between 5 people and 2 of them get the benefit of being kids. 🙂 But with whatever little I watch, there are some scenes which get embedded in my memory. Like this scene from Taare Zameen Par where the teacher played by Aamir Khan tells the father of Ishaan Awasthi about Soloman Islands. How true it is that if you make people (rather any living being) feel uncared for, unloved, unwanted for, they’ll loose the will to live and will slowly but rot and die. 

Similarly there’s a malayalam movie Sukrutham starring Mammooty, where the he is a blood cancer patient and reaches a holistic treatment center The center is driven by a theme that each and every cell in our body has a mind which decides whether the body it belongs to should live or die. I do believe in it. The success of our treatment and our recovery is mostly based on our will to survive.  

Back in 2004, I went for consultation to a famous gynae at Lady Hardinge Hospital. She might have saved lot of people, but to me she was one of the rudest doctors I have ever met. May be her job at the Government Hospital where she has treated all kinds of people has made her like that. But I don’t think any of her patients would have ever wanted to live to listen to the bitter language she used even if they were targeted questions to assess one’s medical condition. I didn’t want to. 

Post this, I met a noble soul who was once the Head of Obstetrics & Gynecology at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. The moment you meet her and see her smile, you’ll automatically start feeling better and would want to live. She’s 65+ and I so wish to be like her. She passes on energy with every smile, every single word of hers and with every little touch. She scolds the duty doctors and nurses too without being rude, without shouting and without belittling them. Something that many others lack. 

I have been visiting a destitute home at least once in 3-4 months for the past 3 years as it makes me realize how blessed I am in so many ways and how I have been blessed to make a difference (however small it is) in my own little ways. Trust me when I say that the inmates there need nothing more than a smile, a loving touch and a few minutes of conversation.


Always wear a smile. It doesn’t cost anything, but to the one who sees it, it might be a reason to live, to hope, to rejoice, to feel wanted, to feel worthy. Do the best you can in whatever little ways you can. Be kind in your words and actions. Avoid grudges. 

Life is Beautiful! Share the beauty. Pass it along. 


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The author Rekha Dhyani is one of the contributors to the We Post Daily and blogs regularly at Dew Drops. She also shares her lucky clicks at The Crystal Trance


38 Replies to “Spreading Smiles”

  1. Rekha, this truly was just such a wonderfully heartwarming start to the weekend. It’s quite amazing how kids intuitively pick up on the ‘good things’ we teach them and go ahead and make them ‘great things’. Love the values and ideals that you are inculcating in your daughters at such a young age, because these are the citizens of the world tomorrow, and all the love they learn and get today, they will go ahead and share it and multiply it tomorrow when they are older.

    Lovely lovely post 😀

    1. Thank you so much, Jairam! I always believed that there’s a lot we can learn from our daily grind if we stop by and take a serious look. A simple smile from a stranger does wonders to your day…isn’t it? 🙂

  2. That’s a lovely post Rekha. Its so true that children have their own interpretation of how things are around them and that’s what makes them special beings.

    I loved how you connected the quote to different aspects and then brought out the essence of the saying by narrating about the destitute home where this lady is contributing to the lives of many and in the process helping them live a much happier life. Nice post, Rekha.

    1. Thank you so much, Kajal! I must confess that motherhood and the two little angles have taught me a lot more than I have studied all my life. A big thanks to Almighty for having given me this beautiful opportunity to be with these two cute little souls. Yes, a little bit of kindness and politeness goes a long way in not just our lives but the ones we touch upon. Once again, thank you so much for stopping by and reading.

  3. Where should I start? Actually let me just tell you the truth. Rekha, you have done it once again. You can take the simplest of things and make us smile. Beautifully written and giving us all a little bit extra insight into the wonder woman that is Rekha. And for your little one. Mashallah. You cant train them to do those things. She just sounds amazing. Can’t wait to meet her and Anu 🙂 As for the point of your post – Yes, a smile is one the biggest gifts you can give anyone. It can make another person smile, shake them out of their misery, pull them up when they’re down….no other feeling can have such an effect. As for you imbibing the right skills in your kids, well, that’s quite evident now 🙂 Amazing post

    1. Thank you, Sid, for those wonderful words! You can make a person feel like on top of the world. But honestly, we are all little beings learning and unlearning during this journey called life. And smiling to me is one of the most basic and easiest task to learn and it helps the giver and the receiver equally. 🙂

  4. “Why do we need death to tell us what should matter to us and what should be our priorities?” – Beautiful and so thought-provoking, Rekha. This post of yours is one of my favourite ones. It will stay with me for a long time to come. I hope N will grow up to be like Lil Love, forever ready to spread so much love. Happy to have found you. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Sakshi! Let’s meet up and you’ll know how naughty our Little Miss Muffet is. But yes, she does give out quite a lot of gyaan to us through her little mumblings. 🙂

  5. Such a beautiful post Rekha and so true. I am often amazed by some who dress up so nicely and yet fail ti make an impact just because they don’t know how to smile. You may be dressed simply and yet a smile can bring cheer to yourself and others near you. Kindness, humility are some other jewels which are must haves in one’s possession
    Hail to Lil love 😀

    1. Thank you so much, Bhagyashree! Greed and competition, it seems have made people forget the simple acts like smiling, kindness and humility. That’s why we now need children to tell us that a simple smile can spread joy and happiness. Lil Love spurts out such little words of wisdom, but you have to meet her to know what a cute little monster kid she is. 😀

    1. Thanks Corinne! Yes, children are sometimes wiser than adults. And hey that smile in you pic shows how much happiness it can spread across to those watching it. 🙂

  6. What it takes is just a smile to spread cheers. Little Love is so amazingly awesome and super cute..now I wanna learn from here and reasons enough that one shdn’t lose the child in them. Hv u seen Sooryavansham? Remember the bus walla scene:)

    1. Thanks for reading, Vishal!

      “one shdn’t lose the child in them”
      That says it all. With the child in you still alive, you’ll see the world unbiased. And you little innocent soul will reflect the good things around. I haven’t seen the movie though.

  7. Rekha this was so beautiful….Lil love has such a great heart and wisdom far wiser than many of us…spreading smile, kindness and love is the simplest of things that we can do…but why do we hold back? This post again lovely and effortless like all your writings and calls for introspection!

    1. Thank you so much, Aditi! And regarding Lil Love, you gotta meet her to know what a little monster she is. But yes, she does give out some big gyaan in her little conversations. 🙂

  8. Small words and gestures can make or mar the day of people. It is so easy to spread happiness around and, yet, we seem to spend all our times spreading around negativity.

  9. I remember one of my school teachers, you may not have met her..she came as a trainee to teach us commerce. Sudha teacher..in place of Geeta teacher( remember?) She had written in my autograph a message similar to what you conveyed in your post- Keep smiling, it doesn’t harm anyone, instead it feels good :). That advice from her has always stayed with me.

    What you have written makes such a lot of sense. You li’l love is the sweetest soul!


    1. Thank you so much, Di! 🙂

      I think you are talking about Sudha teacher, who had two sons. One of whom was in my class for a short while. Some relation of Vishwanathan Sir, I guess! That is a very nice advice that a teacher can give a student. And you do have a lovely smile, just like my favourite Chandrika teacher. 🙂

  10. Extremely heartwarming and beautiful.. each word expresses so much.. and yes, i keep reminding myself each time I exchange an angry word with a close one.. why??? today we are here, tomorrow we are not… why not live in peace and harmony with all.. and smile, make that wipe off all anger and pain 🙂

    1. “today we are here, tomorrow we are not… why not live in peace and harmony with all”

      Something that if remembered by everyone, there won’t be so much bad blood around. Thanks for reading, Seeta! 🙂

  11. Very beautifully written. I used to smile at random people always, but at times the stare they gave made me rethink about smiling again at a stranger. And yea… many people wait till a person passes away to acknowledge their love for them… the biggest loss for both.
    As usual loved your post! 🙂

    1. Thanks Sheetal! And yes, lately I see that most people have forgotten how to smile and have to be reminded that there’s no harm in smiling. And about the stares, I too receive quite a few of those. 😉

  12. Rekha , after reading this post I too am smiling and my smiles are bigger. You are absolutely right when you say that a smile costs nothing . wear it. I would say that a smile should be like second skin. keep writing.

  13. such a wonderful post! I enjoyed every bit of this..positive attitude is the biggest strength of a person.
    Jinnah’s young and attractive Parsi wife too died a lonely death in a hotel room where she had been staying..after that Jinnah did everything to make himself normal but ultimately he too, died of a broken heart…such is the poison of negativity.

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