Life is spontaneous. Treasure it!

Hope you all had a wonderful time during Christmas celebrations. We had fun with the kids and a few friends and lots of cakes, deers, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs and peacocks at the Deer Park in Hauz Khas Village. 🙂

Over the past four years, I was always amused to find a half bitten apple, or a biscuit, or a  guava, or a banana, or a chocolate, or even a few orange slices in a bowl kept near the foot of the Krishna idol we have in our pooja room. Lil Love definitely has some connection with Lord Krishna. I keep telling her that she’s Kuchela‘s (also called Sudhama) rebirth and has come to offer Avil (parched rice) to Lord Krishna. She used to offer everything to Him and I would not have been surprised if I had found a chicken leg in the pooja room one day. 😀 She also uses the pooja room to hide for a while, scare us and gain our attention. 😀

Now that she is five, she claims that she’s no more a baby. 😀

To this  I said, “However big you become, you’ll always be smaller than Mamma and hence will always remain a baby.

I love annoying her as she comes up with the craziest of things when annoyed, yet keeping her cool. 😀 Somehow she reads my mind at times and just offers a “uff-inka-kya-hoga” (Uff-what-will-happen-to-her) kind of look. And the frequency of this look has increased recently. I guess she’s already fed up of me and has given up. 😛

So one of these chilly winter mornings, I took bath early in the morning and got into the pooja room to light the lamp and offer my lightning-fast prayers. Oh yes, most of the days I feel like God will be feeling privileged that, “Oh my my! Look who’s here. Her Highness!”  And before He would even complete his sentence, I would have already rushed out of the pooja room and got into the daily grind. 😀 I often smile at myself and my silliness. But then, I love spending even those few minutes with just me and Him in the room talking to each other. Of course, mostly it is a monologue. 😀

So this morning, what I find near Krishna is a pack of Close-Up Milk Calcium Nutrient toothpaste. I think Lil Love wanted Krishna to be hygienic by brushing his teeth twice a day as mentioned in Anu Di’s EVS book. No. I was wrong. Lil Love now is making Krishna repay for all those little goodies that she offered him as a child and wanted Him to save her toothpaste from Anu Di. 😀 It was fun to watch her first demand for a separate paste and then hide it for fear that Anu might use it first. 😀

I smiled. I smiled because I had a similar hideaway for my ‘priced possessions’ in my mother’s pooja room. But I think I was better than Lil Love because I think my Mom never found out my hideaway. In case you are wondering what my ‘priced possessions’ were, they were the letters from my Dad, a few rock samples that I had picked up from my visit to Kerala, dried up leaves of various plants, stamps, coins and a diary with my musings. 🙂 They now find a safe place inside my wardrobe locker. 🙂

A tiff and then they are friends again! 🙂

All these little cute moments I’m recording here on my blog wishing that some day when my girls will be busy with their lives, they get to read these and smile at their childhood memories penned down so lovingly by their mother. 🙂


9 Replies to “Life is spontaneous. Treasure it!”

  1. This was just such a cute post detailing Lil Love’s friendship with none other than Lord Krishna. Am sure when she grows up and reads this post, there will be a small smile on her lips, and if she’s feeling extra emotional, she might even shed a quiet tear as well 🙂

  2. lovely read Rekha. yes, i store my precious little treasures in the wardrobe locker as pretty much every gal & woman does – but this novel idea of storing it / hiding it, rather, in the pooja room should be patented by you and your li’l love 🙂

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