A Long Awaited Journey

I am mad about journeys…

…especially the train journeys we used to have during our summer vacations, from Delhi to Palghat in Kerala. The excitement for the train journey was much more than the two month stay in my hometown. These journeys have always been cherished and treasured by me, because I could dream, I  could feel like I was running faster than everyone else, a sense of victory. There were so many new people we used to meet and get acquainted with. If at this point in time, there’s something that I miss, it is the train journey from Delhi to Kerala. The last time I traveled on such a train journey was with Amma in May 2002 for my grandmother’s first death anniversary. And then it was never the same. Work, marriage, kids, responsibilities…I had time for everything, but the journey. After marriage, I have only been to Kerala thrice and that too by flight. I somehow hate flights. Apart from saving time, there’s nothing good that the flights do to us.

My last journey to Kerala, which was after four long years, was in March 2013. Honestly, after marriage this was the first time I have actually stayed in Kerala for two long weeks. I had booked train tickets for our journey from Alwaye to Palghat. But hubby changed program at the last minute and we went by road. 😦 Not that it was any less exciting, but I love trains.  More about this last Kerala visit on the following posts.

Project GOC 1 – Kumarakom

Project GOC 2 – Munnar

Udupi Sri Krishna Matha

I always miss my hometown. I miss those edavazhis (alleys), parambu (backyard), kaavu and kshetrams (temples), nedya choru (rice from the temple considered as deity’s blessings), those lush green padams (fields/farmlands), our early morning trips to the Guruvayoor and Kadampuzha.

Nostalgia!!! So I am taking you through a trip, all alone…just me and my thoughts. My only true companion.


A walk in the rain…

No umbrellas please… 🙂

Bare feet…

Splashing through the little puddles… 🙂

Rain drops falling on my face…

Palms opened out to embrace every single droplet…

Lips singing the best out of my playlist…

The leaves exhibiting colours of exhilaration…

The branches dancing in anticipation…

The thought itself excites me like a small kid. 🙂

No one’s waiting back home…

Nothing to hide, nothing to conceal, no worries, no liabilities…

No yesterday, no tomorrow…just now…

It’s just this very moment that I wish to live…

Will you dance with me in the rain? 🙂

Oh the train is about to move…

An endless train journey 🙂

Boarding Kerala Express from New Delhi Railway Station….

A relatively empty coach…

So I get to scream and talk for real with myself… 🙂

Just a seat next to the window…

I love watching through the window…

I’m happy seeing that I get to sit comfortably and still travel faster than even the sun and moon…

I know illusion it is! 🙂

Looking at the train’s shadow on the ground and some of the water-logged fields…

Waving back to the many kids at various places and making them happy for a while…

I love doing that. 🙂

Oh it’s raining…look at the rain drops on my window rods… 🙂

How could my journey be worthwhile without a little rain… 🙂

The kullad waali chai at Mathura Junction is one you should not miss.

I guess we have crossed Jhansi because it’s getting darker…

The lights have started shining creating a boundary for each geographical location.

They look like various coloured beads entwined together.

Reached Bhopal…let me just look out if Girija Mema (Mom’s sister) and family have come to meet me… 🙂

Nagpur stations, Mom used to buy oranges for us.

Vijayawada…I’m getting a feel of nearing my home town… 🙂

Let me buy an ice-cream and some bananas…Amma used to get it for us… 🙂

River Krishna is calling out to me…let me put some coins like I used to do as a child… 🙂

A non-stop journey

Wow, the train is turning and I get to see all the boggies…I’m loving it. 🙂

Screeching to a halt at Salem…let me buy some ‘Killichundan Maampazham‘ (Totapuri Mangoes)…I love them. 🙂

Erode…Amma used to buy cotton ‘lungis’ for Sachumama (Mom’s brother) and Acha (my Dad). 🙂

Coimbatore…let me have Porotta and koorma for breakfast. 🙂

Palakkad Junction…”Pazham Pori venno, Pazham pori“… Of course, yes! 😀 (Pazham Pori is malayalam word for Banana Fritters)

Ottapalam…my home town…should I get down? Will Sachumama be waiting for me. Ney!!! No one’s waiting for me.

People miss the train…I’m gonna miss the station. 🙂

Have never traveled post Trichur….let me do it this time… 🙂

A journey till the last station…. 🙂

May be never to be back… 🙂

Will you come with me? 🙂

Then, keep your bags ready… 

Bags are not required for a never-to-be-back journey…isn’t it? 😉


vecchio libro con stilografica

So that was my post as part of Write Tribe Festival of Words 2. Today’s prompt is TRAVEL.


39 Replies to “A Long Awaited Journey”

  1. where from ottapalam r u Rekha??? i hv my Aunt in ottapalam and that is one of my fav places…I used to spend lot of time there during my summer holidays….the hills,mango trees,ponds,fields, kavus, there used to be peacocks roaming around in the parambu..not to mention so many different kinds of birds, snakes and foxes(lil scary after twilight), myths of ‘yakshi’ and ‘kuttichathan’, and lots of kids in the neighborhood……I so loved that place….always the first in my list of places to visit,until lately(there was a tragedy in my family and after that I can’t pull myself to go there)

    1. I am from a place called Cherukattupulam en route Manannur from Vaniamkulam. Your comment reminds me of the Naga Kaavu within the compound of our house, where I have seen a cobra and many other varieties too. Yes, post 6 pm, it’s scary with lots and lots of creepie-crawlies and sounds of various insects. But, I still miss those days when my grandparents were alive.

  2. Lovely post, have a question for you though…why have you never traveled past Thrissur? Is that where you are based out of when in Kerala?

    1. Thank you, Jairam! I’m based out of a small village near Ottapalam and my mother had completed her senior school and graduation from Vimala College staying with her Ammavan who is based at Thrissur near Thiruvambady. I have been to Cochin once for my admission to CUSAT and after that it was in March this year. I have been to TVM once in 2008 for an official conference at Poovar Islands.

      1. Hai rekha, got directed to this post from your FB profile, though I have read and commented on your other posts before…. This is just so wonderful…. I love train journeys and the pazham pori part was the best 😀 😀 Lovely 😀

        Btw, your reply to Jairam above leaves me in suspense, because, I’m from Thiruvambady and an ex-Vimalite myself !! 🙂

  3. Rekha,this is a post which made me feel nostalgic.We also used to travel by train from Delhi to Palghat. It used to be great fun. My husband home town is in Tattamangalam near Palghat. I will soon write about my experiences about my visits to Kerala.Very well written.I and my husband enjoyed reading.

  4. Lovely post Rekha…what can I say your post made me relive my train journeys from Chennai to Lucknow…oh those summer holidays…yes as you said sis n me looked forward to the train journey more than the 2 month holiday. The oranges from Nagpur …yes papa bought those for us too…the kullad vali chai…best tea ever no? Window seat watching the landscape rush past you…I always did a sketch of those scenes and gave it to my Nanaji 🙂 Thanks for this post! You made my day!

  5. The daughter and I traveled by train for the first time after she was born on my trip to India this year. There’s nothing like a train trip, absolutely nothing. 🙂

  6. Such a cute post. You made me yearn for my childhood when we used to go by train from Bhilai to Manglaore. A long journey but such fun. We used to learn so much.. about the places, the culture, the people. Indian Railways has been my best teacher.
    Planes are not that much fun

  7. Lovely post, pics and beautiful memories and verse too. Sure I will dance in the Indian Rain any day with you…Now I know who I am gonna beg to be my guide when I go to that part of our world 🙂

  8. lovely post.. i really enjoyed reading it..

    and, you’ve mentioned in the comment section of one of my posts that you’re planning for a Ladakh trip. Here are the few pics of Pangong Tso snapped during my trip: PANGONG TSO PICS

    Hope you have fun over there..



  9. Enjoyed this train journey with you. Somehow our train journeys have been 8-12 hours long only and now I shudder at long train journeys. May be that’s because of the cleanliness mania. 😛

  10. I have never travelled long distances by train. The flights are convenient for they save time but at the same time rob off the romance of travel. 18 years ago we travelled from Mum to B’lore and enjoyed it. Next year, maybe , we will travel to Kerala on LTC.

  11. Such a lovely journey 🙂 I’ve been in Kerala a few years ago and visited Munnar . The vast, long-stretched green tea gardens were a treat to the eyes. One of the finest hill-stations I’ve ever been to..

  12. I used to love train journeys too..I’d have an upper berth and a book and that was it.. Endless cups of tea made it even better. And then I had kids.. Now it’s a nightmare.. They jump from the berths, dangle their feet, trouble the other passengers.. Nightmare I tell you. It’s a flight or road journey period.

  13. Hmmm… sweet memories! Wish to be back. We have left those journeys too behind us 😦 Fighting for the window seat, eating amma’s head with one or the other thing, hanging on to the side rods…I am missing all these so sad that our kids will not get a chance to enjoy these. Even if they get they will not enjoy also……

    1. Renu, it was such a pleasant week-long stay with you guys in March. I hope we do get to spend such time more often. Looking forward to the next vacation together. 🙂

  14. love the ending comments on each region’s special dialogues 😀
    Most of my journeys have been by train but since time constraints are now there in my professional life, now whenever i get the chance i prefer the plane.

  15. U know replace Delhi with Hyd and I could have as well written this post! Even today I associate Palaghat with Pazhampoori ;). Have I told you my dad hails from a small vuillage near ottapallam tooo

  16. Second post already on travel… yes they have a different feel altogether. And Rekha I recently went to Kerala, it is truly one of the most beautiful place 🙂


  17. hello rekha chechy…..i can call so rgt??? accidently i went through your blog….beautifully written….so nostalgic…..eyes got wet….and missing my childhood….so much…

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