Its quite astonishing when a prompt on Memory/Memories makes your mind go blank. 🙂

So instead of trying hard I decided to relax, take a pause, sip my favourite coffee and let my mind wander. But nothing worked.  At last I went up to the best person to help me. Hubby asked me a few questions and there I had an outline to my post just at the eleventh hour. 😀

And here I go in a tail-spin…

Childhood – Chowkidar‘s Danda (The Watchman’s stick)

This dates back to 1981 when I was just 2 and we lived in Tilak Nagar, Delhi. I remember how I would get frozen at the very sound of the chowkidar’s danda. It scared the hell out of me. I didn’t know if the chowkidaar was a man, an animal or an alien. I only recognized him with the sound of the danda and the whistle. Little did I realize that I’ll get my sweet revenge years later. Once I was waiting for hubby who would often return from his outstation trips late in the night. I roamed around in the balcony and for some reason had my short hair left loose. The society watchman was on his night patrol and was shocked to see my silhouette and turned the flashlight towards me. He was clearly shocked to have seen a witch at 3 a.m. in the morning. 😀

Honestly, I am scared of those sounds till date and I can’t sleep all alone. 😦

Adolescence – Switch On Switch Off (SO-SO)

This belongs to the days when Weston was the leading television brand. We had a wonderful B/W set that was plugged into a multi-socket. Booting the TV required a strange and interesting ritual of pressing the electric switch multiple times. Since this was a multi-socket it would make the balcony light also go on and off simultaneously. After a few days we realized that while we were trying to start the TV to watch Ek se badhkar ek or Superhit Muqabla, the young boy living opposite our building would start responding to our SO-SO signal by continuously switching on and switching off his balcony light. Probably he thought that we were sending him some kind of a Morse code signal or perhaps he too had a Weston TV at home. 😀

[My little sis is sitting across the seven seas and is laughing hard reading this.] 😀

College – The Booty of the Parabola

My college life revolved around my friend Sandhya and the computer/physics/electronics lab. Sandhya is one creative person and could concentrate on multiple things at the same time. In the middle of highly boring lectures, she would manage to draw interesting mehandi designs on the register sitting right on the first bench. My concentration would shift from Raman Effect, PASCAL, Regulated Power Supply, Boolean Algebra, Differential Equations  and Computer Architecture to the more interesting mehandi patterns. The only interesting class was Gopal Das Sir’s Applied Maths Class. He used to take extra hours and kill us with his love for Parabola, Hyperbola and Ellipses. When the entire class slept off, he would come up with, “See the ‘booty’ of the parabola!” And we all would burst into laughter. 😀

Work – “How old are you?”

How old are you?“, he asked.

While I had been working in the company for last 3 years. it was my first participation in the sales managers meeting being chaired by my boss, the then Head of Sales & Marketing. After all the sales people from various regions had introduced themselves, my boss went on to introduce me as the new Product Specialist. I introduced myself with just my name. “And how old are you?“, he asked hinting me to add something more. “Sir, I’m 23 years old.” was my innocent response. And the room burst into laughter. It took me a while to realize that my boss was asking how many years old was I in the company. 😀

Marriage – Stranger in a Monkey Cap

After an adventurous marriage, here I was in my in-law’s home. December it was and winter was at its peak. After the storm had settled, I got busy helping mom-in-law with the dinner preparation. When it was time to serve dinner, I saw an old man in the house whom I had not seen earlier. He was all decked up in multiple layers of woollens from head to toe with a monkey cap crowning his head. It took me a while to recognize that this was the man I had gotten married to a short while ago. I kept wondering, “Did I marry him only? Have I been cheated? Where is that handsome young man? Or was he actually an old man?

Hubby is from the hills but still feels excessively cold. He uses hot water to bathe, almost all through the year. I still tease him mentioning this incident. 😀

Kids – When I discovered an amazing story teller

Anu, our first-born, slept continuously from 5 am till 10 p.m. She would be awake all night and it was difficult for us to sleep at all for the first three months. All night long she would either scream loudly or would want me to keep feeding her. Hubby would then roam around the bed with Anu in his arms, telling her stories in which he would include every single historical monument in Delhi, the zoological park, science centre and what not. He even took her to a story tour of Thailand. As she grew up, Mogli and Mickie Mouse found their way into the Mahabharatha, while Winnie the Pooh and Piglet got into Ramayana. Anu and Lil Love would give a list of characters that they wanted in a story and kept a check on whether all of them were included or not. I am amazed at the story-telling capability of hubby. He can customize any story to make it acceptable to his darlings, whereas I can only read out and explain whatever is written. Nothing more, nothing less. And most of the times I fall asleep while reading out the story while the kids try hard to wake me up. 😀 

Picture courtesy: Google Image Search
Picture courtesy: Google Image Search

Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone.

Those were few of the memories from the various stages of my life.

I am sure next time I get the same prompt there will be another set of memories whooshing by… I can already feel them. 🙂


I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 8th – 14th December 2013.



44 Replies to “Memories”

  1. Oh I would love to hear a Mowgli and Mickey Mouse Mahabharata and a Pooh and Piglet Ramayana – oh boy that;’s too cute for words. Nice memories.

  2. ha ha, the Delhi winters! My in laws were in Delhi too until May this year. I had never seen anyone wear so may sweaters and shawls in my life before that. The huge Quilts specially made for us were waiting on our bed. Phew! My 6 month old son was wrapped from head to toe in woollen. I still have that image of my son in a monkey cap. So cute he looked. A memory from your past triggered a memory from my past. Feels so good in the morning. 🙂

  3. Hahaha! Even I went blank Rekha for few moments.
    We have so many memories…that when we are asked to talk about them…we wonder…which one should we speak about. I loved the way you described all of those different ones from childhood till now…just like a bouquet of flowers…arranging them beautifully!

  4. You rekindled memories. I would sit near the window just to have a glance of the chowkidar
    And guess what I used to write lot of chits with kavitas ont he lecturers and those chits were circulated in the class and all had a merry time.

  5. Rekha all your memories from different phases of life are really interesting. I used to write poems during our lectures in college. Would like to know about your “adventurous marriage” Enjoyed reading every word.

  6. That was a potpourri of memories from different stages of your life Rekha, and a lovely one too. Brilliant stuff to kick off the festival. I’m sure you’ll bring up another cracking post for tomorrow too !!!!

  7. Wow you’ve included loads of lovely memories here! So how old are you? 😉 Just to clarify I meant in the blogging space. Hehe loved all your stories…perhaps you could include stories of Mowgli and Mickey mouse in Mahabharata in some other post!

  8. ‘Booty’-ful post. It make me laugh out loud, and at the same time pushed me back to all those ages and stages – from wondering about the night guards thak-thak to standing with one leg in the dustbin as a punishment in my Physics class. Enjoyed this one. A peep into little Rekha, and the one I know now. 🙂

  9. For someone who was inspired at the last minute, you sure did a great job, Rekha. A lot of your memories brought a smile to my face. Perhaps, it’s time for hubby to start a blog too, huh? He’ll give Jairam a run for his money! 😛

  10. Hi Rekha,
    Memories give you some thing to relax. Nostology sometimes relieves stress. many a times i feel to go to the past where i have enjoyed the life without the speed.

  11. Rekha, what a booty-full post is this! enjoyed each and every incident of your old memories. The chowkidar seeing a witch at 3 am. is a masterpiece.

  12. That was wonderful!!

    I remember the chowkidar’s danda as well… he used to hit the gate once at 2 AM every night and that sound used to give me the creeps!! 😀
    LOL@ your memory of your hubby!!! 😛
    Thank you for sharing some of the most precious moments of your life 🙂

  13. Funnily enough I also remember the Gurkha’s danda tapping on the roads at night 😀

    Am laughing along with your little sis at this signalling technique 😀

    Am sure the parabola had a lovely booty, didn’t it 😀

    Am sure you were ‘single and ready to mingle’ when this question was asked, weren’t you 😉

    “Stranger in a monkey cap”, that is a nice way to describe your new husband 🙂

    This was just simply such a beautiful post, and based on what you have told about your husband’s story telling abilities, you really must convince him to start a blog and start putting down his stories there. Like Corinne says, he might just make me discontinue my blog 😉

  14. Seven seas across actually am into laughter only I remember the way Jiju used to take Ninu in his hands and give her a full Geography class in the night thanks dear for reminding such beautiful memories 🙂

  15. That’s so beautiful. Rekha thank you for sharing such hilarious, amazing moments of your life, great that you still remember them.

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