What Makes a Marriage Successful?

You all know Sakshi of When Men Cook fame. 🙂

For those of you who are still to know her, here’s what Sakshi is to me.

Sakshi Nanda is a lively and cheerful person, but most of all, she’s a wonderful human being. Her posts ranging from the tit-bits on mothering her 2-year old son, lessons learnt, relationships, friendship and social issues, which otherwise are left unattended strike a chord with the readers immediately. The essential dose of humor that she adds in her posts is something that I adore most. Her recent article ‘The Room for Guests’ was one that took me down the memory lane and made me relive those beautiful childhood days. She loves cooking ideas, and having them read even more! She believes watching Pingu, singing Jack-n-Jill and eating baby food is therapeutic. And that the pen is man’s best invention, only after diapers that is! 😉 The simplicity of her thoughts, her humility and her sense of humor is what makes me connect with each and every blog post and FB post of her. Living in different corners of the same city, we are yet to meet each other in person. I wish it happens soon.

Here’s my guest post on Sakshi’s virtual abode Between Write and Wrong.

Click the link below to read my thoughts on what makes a marriage successful.

What Makes a Marriage Successful?


2 Replies to “What Makes a Marriage Successful?”

  1. Yet again two of my favorite bloggers collaborate to come up with a lovely post. Rekha, awesome post. In my opinion, along with Sid’s point about communication, I would also go with ‘space’. Like you mention early in your post, both parties to the couple bring along with them a baggage of likes, dislikes, stuff they are good at, stuff they suck at, dreams, ambitions, and a lot of other things. As long as both the parties clearly understand this and give each others space to do their own thing there shouldn’t be an issue in the marriage.

    BTW, loved the part where your hubby answered with //If you guys are hell-bent we’ll definitely be living like brother and sister in a short while//, like Sid said, every family has that 🙂

  2. Rekha – Lovely post, and like you say, relationships work when we choose to make it work. And of course the secret behind a happy and successful manager is good communication. There will be plenty of deterrents that try to throw a spanner in the works, both voluntarily and involuntarily, and I don’t think there is anything in a relationship that cannot be sorted out with good communication. Of course, the two parties involved in it, will need to want to work at it too. As for your husband’s comment of “soon we will be living like brother and sister” – Amen to that. Every family has that….:) Let’s leave it at that. Great post, and the reason that your posts resonate so much with all of us, is purely because of the way you write – Simple and direct dil-se 🙂

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