Pee Safe™ – Product Review

How many times have you felt nauseated getting into the restroom in a hospital, at a mall, in a train or any other public place? Many a times even though the place looks absolutely clean, there’s this stinking odor which makes you feel like puking or you don’t feel like using the restroom at all for fear of infections.

My 7 year old is pretty finicky about her restroom usage. She’ll only use a restroom if it’s perfectly clean and odorless. No compromises on that. A habit which at times makes her suffer while we are travelling. We do ensure to take her to a clean restroom, but many a times public places are full of unpleasant stench. With such unhygienic conditions prevailing in public restrooms , there is a need for a product that ensured proper personal hygiene.

Through a FaceBook group that I am part of, I received a sample of Pee Safe™ about a month ago. It is a toilet seat sanitizer spray that cleanses, deodorizes, sanitizes the toilet seat and ensures protection against 99.9% of diseases that can cause an infection. It was launched in India in August 2013 after its success in the west.


Pee Safe™ comes in a handy can which is easy to carry and helps you protect yourself and your family from unhygienic conditions. It can be used conveniently in just 3 simple steps.


Spray the toilet seat and any other areas that you want to sanitize with Pee Safe™, Toilet Seat Sanitizer.


Wait for 5 second, no more, no less. Pee Safe™, Toilet Seat Sanitizer destroys 99.99% germs on the toilet seat in 5 seconds, thus disinfecting the area.The anti-bacterial sanitizer spray evaporates quickly leaving behind no residue.


With 99.99% germs killed, the toilet seat is now safe to be used. By using this, you are ensuring personal hygiene by disinfecting the area around the toilet. No more hassles of spraying the seat and waiting for it to dry or carrying disposable toilet seats.


From my personal experience, I highly recommend Pee Safe™. It has made life a lot more easier and toilet trips less worrying. I am now sure of complete protection from germs and infections with this safety can. It cleans, disinfects, sanitizes and deodorizes the toilet seat making your rest room experience wonderful. This is one product which ensures me a worry less travel with my baby girl to any public restroom.

You can shop for Pee Safe™ online at SafetyKart,, and 


Go get your safety can of Pee Safe™ and rest assured about the hygiene part in public rest rooms.

Updated to include the following information:

INR 120 for 75 ml can of Pee Safe™ | SafetyKart is offering a discount of 15% on their website.

Ingredients include: IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol), Frangrance and Propellant


7 Replies to “Pee Safe™ – Product Review”

  1. Interesting product, really useful for people who travel a lot and use public restrooms frequently 🙂 Thanks for sharing this information

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