Right or Wrong?

What is ‘Right’? And what is ‘Wrong’?

Why do we want our right to be someone else’s right too? Why can’t our right be wrong for someone else?

Why do we want our wrong be accepted as wrong by others? Why can’t it be right for them?

Why are people so judgemental?

Why can’t we accept people as they are?

Why can’t we at least not try to belittle someone?

Just a thought that passed my mind during the course of the course of the day.

A colleague informed of their maid’s 12 year old daughter who went missing after taking prasad from some Mata ki Chowki along with another girl who is 10 years old. Both of them were abducted by some boys. The girls were left at some place the next morning and were found highly stressed. The girl is keeping on repeating that nothing happened with her, but the father had beaten her up. She is supposed to undergo a medical examination today initiated by Delhi Police. The girl is a student of one of the government schools in the locality and receives a scholarship for her education. She had always wanted to stidy more and was asking my friend to convince her parents not to get her married off before she completes her education. It pains to imagine her mental status as of now. What’ll happen to her even if nothing would have happened to her? Will her father, who is already cursing her for the ill fame she has brought to the family get her married off soon?

If only people were a little more kind, tolerant and grateful, there would have been lesser broken hearts. There would have been lesser crimes.

I don’t even know if anything I have written here makes any sense at all. But I had to pour it out somewhere.


13 Replies to “Right or Wrong?”

  1. Yes, you appear to have been confused while writing this post.
    But, what’s great is: you wrote this post before you could ‘cool down’ and ‘rationalise’ the whole situation. Many social evils are highlighted by this one post, child marriage being one of them.
    Reading your post made me sad to know about the uncertain future that awaits the young girl, but it made me really happy that there are people like you who get really agitated when they see other unconnected persons suffering.
    The next step is converting our agitated thoughts into some kind of action.

  2. There is something to be said for saying something. Most do not do even that. It is easy to judge and say “Do something about it” “Be proactive.” I think you are a caring person who sees an injustice and cannot keep silent. Thank you for being you.

  3. The tragic part is that her dream itself is so simple and easy to achieve given that she already has a scholarship to complete her schooling in the Govt School. The best you can hope for at this point in time is that her husband and in laws allow her to complete her schooling.

    Understand your emotions and feelings, as I personally have felt extremely angry and sad at my own helplessness in various situations and occasions in life.

  4. Truly speaking I did not understand how what you said in the first half connects with the second. Or am I missing something? Abducting girls, a parent beating them up etc are wrong, there is no right about it that I can see, however I look at it.

  5. Tell me if I got this right…. The abducting of Girls = Wrong for you and many of us but wasnt wrong for the ones who did the abducting apparently. The beating from the parents = Wrong for you and many of us but wasnt so for the parents. The way people who are poor and trying to make ends meet are treated by many = wrong to you and many of us but isnt so for the ones who treat them badly. What you saw is mostly wrong, theres nothing to justify as right. So all the questioning but not much in the way of an answer…Kindness, tolerance and every other thing that we think is right, comes with limits. They can only hold as long as everyone else around us is willing to hold on to it. Reality is that none of us are saints….we seems so until the right button is pushed.

  6. Honestly I was unable to make sense of things you have written here but abduction, silence and a parent beating up a child is all wrong and is never justified.

  7. This is shameful. First, why would her father beat her up? Second, why would he not let her complete her studies? Many questions come and go in my mind. Such situations do confuse at a very high level.

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