In the lap of Himalayas – Chail and Kufri

A long pending post on our trip to Chail and Kufri.

The Crystal Trance

A Government school in Mundaghat, on way from Chail to Kufri. The beauty of the adjoining areas is just breathtaking. We were impressed to see the Physical Trainer training the kids with such dedication.



Aren’t the kids lucky to be studying in the lap of Himalayas?


Now that’s what I call ‘Jannat’ or Paradise.


The smiles on these faces are the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen.


Apart from Bus No.11 (our legs), that’s the only way to reach their school.


And here we are worried about our kids having to travel 10-15 minutes in a school bus.

I was shocked to see few villages that had a population of only 9 people. Though they do not have LCDs, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, or the many other luxuries that we have here in our comfortable metro life, they seem content and have those peaceful and calm smiles…

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