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Age old beliefs…can all of it be considered rubbish and illogical?

I personally do not think so. If it were so, we would not have had so many stories to read, so many places to visit and so much more to look forward to. Each belief I feel has a strong foundation of its own, however old and illogical they may seem. I feel the stories or reasonings behind them might have got mixed, ground, cooked, seasoned and garnished over a period of time, thus erasing the original and may be logical explanations behind them. Some are called crazy believers and others hardcore atheists. People like me fall midway. We are still trying to figure out if something, some torn pages of history can be recovered and recognised. And they call us edgy.

Smile is all I do. 🙂

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One Reply to “Belief”

  1. I think every belief must be open to questioning by every individual. If your heart tells you to go ahead and do something, by all means do so. But also remember that superstition and tradition tread on very fine lines. If we were not questioning beliefs and rituals, women empowerment at least in this country would have not happened. I wouldn’t call every belief rubbish but open to questioning, certainly. Besides, all the mysterious stories that get tagged along in the name of tradition completely put me off! Lovely click!

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