Earthen Lamps

I’m super crazy about Deepavali. This is a known fact for my friends and family. No-no, I’m not crazy for the sweets (I’m already way too sweet to be handled), neither am I crazy about the firecrackers (life provides me enough of them). Then what??? I’m crazy about the little flames that erase the darkness when lighted up in multiples. Yes. I am in love with the earthen lamps or Diyas, waxed or non-waxed. They just lift my soul and make me feel there’s still some hope left somewhere. They also make me aware of the patience Mother Earth has been showing us all this while. But this year I ordered a few more diyas than I generally buy, because I was made aware how it helps the artisans who make them. Every single diya one buys adds up to whatever little penny these poor souls get. I honour them because they aren’t begging, they aren’t stealing, instead they are just asking you to provide them an amount for their work.


Here is my shopping for Deepavali and I still have tomorrow morning to add up a few more sets to my collection. 😀


These ones reached me just this eve. Each one is just a perfect piece carved out so well. They have waxed as well as non-waxed varieties available.


Here’s our doorway on Choti Deepavali. 🙂 Just waiting for tomorrow to make it even more lighted. 🙂

This Deepavali, light up your homes with the tiny earthen lamps which do not cost much and help light up someone’s life.

With this I sign off wishing you all a Very Happy Deepavali. May this festival of lights add joy, health and wealth in your life.


17 Replies to “Earthen Lamps”

  1. Quite a collection 🙂 Is there somewhere in particular you order from, that you know reaches the artisans themselves? Would love to have the link if you do.

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