Kids and the Difficult Questions they ask

This happened about two years back, when Anu was in grade 1. I was helping her with her home-work and preparing her for the SA1 and FA1. (For those who didn’t get it, SA stands for Summative Assessment and FA stands for Formative Assessment in the new CCE curriculum of CBSE)

She was reading heavy-duty words (for her age) like embarrassing, thrilled, anxious and so on, in a story book that I gave her for preparing her for the creative writing part. She asked me a few words and I gave her the description to the best of my knowledge. Later while I was feeding Lil Love, Anu chose to check one of the words with Papa. Papa who was completely engrossed in his emails on his BlackBerry, did give her a detailed explanation. 

The next time we went for the PTM (Parent Teacher Meeting), her teacher told me that Anu told her, “My Mom is very intelligent. She knows everything by heart. But Papa always has to look up in the phone for the answers.” 😀


Kids ask the darnest things
Kids ask the darndest things

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This Monday, as soon as I reached back from the weekly market, my seven-year old blurts out,

“Mamma, how was I born? Did they cut your tummy and take me out or was I born from an egg?”

When you’re back home with the 7-8 kg of veggies hung on your shoulders, and you get an unexpected blow in the form of a question like this, what would you do other than fumble for words for a while and then try to assess the origin of the question. Isn’t it?

While I went veggie shopping, the Lady Friday managed to take control of the TV remote and put on Mahabharatha, which I have strictly asked the kids not to watch. As I had mentioned in my previous post, In Pursuit of Happiness, the new Mahabharatha on Star Plus was a bit too fast and the stories seemed manipulated quite a lot. Hence I left it after the fourth or fifth episode. 

What was my response to this query?

I told her if she had popped out of an egg, Mamma wouldn’t have lost shape. She was convinced to some extent. 😀 More because she had seen Mamma with a Big Tummy during the lil one’s arrival. Thank God! 🙂

But out came the next question,

Where did those eggs come from?

“Which eggs, Bachha?”

“The ones from which Kauravas will be born?”

Now this was getting out of control. So after racking up my brain to come up with a suitable response, I spurted out,

Bachha, Gandhari had eaten up lots of chicken which then laid eggs inside her tummy. And so when the doctors/midwives performed a ‘surgery’ on her, they took out all those 101 eggs from which the Kauravas were born.” 😀

Howzzat? 😀

I’m sure she had willfully left it at that, knowing that any further query will make her want to give up eating chicken and mutton. Kids these days are really smart. 😀


Now that was still a decent question which could have been answered with the necessary details. But my girl asked me one to which I am still to find an answer. Over the weekend, we (the Mommy with the kiddoos) watched the movie Paa, which the kids and the Mommy love immensely. 

At the point where Vidya’s mother is asking her whether she wants to continue the pregnancy, my girl comes up with:

“Mamma, how did she get pregnant without getting married?” 

Now that’s one question Mamma told her Mamma is not aware of. I’m sure she has finally decided that Mamma’s Biology is exceptionally poor and that she’ll have to ask Biology questions to Papa only. Papa indeed is much wiser and would definitely tell her the truth in an uncontroversial manner. 

Can someone share with me a list of movies I CAN watch with the girls and those I SHOULDN’T watch with them? :-/

In fact, I’ll be grateful if fellow parents can share their experiences of such questions and the way they handled these.


12 Replies to “Kids and the Difficult Questions they ask”

  1. HA HA HA!
    a similar incident had happened at my home when my little niece asked that to my her mother, my cousin. I suddenly left the place laughing. 😛

      1. 😛
        i’m thinking of some futuristic technology which can impart knowledge to the children when they are in the womb. 😀

  2. Wow, that was quite an interesting and insightful question that your little one asked, and wonder what Papa answered when you redirected her to him. You mentioned that he is quite the Biology expert, isn’t he… 😀

  3. My neighbour’s son , after attending a wedding innocently asked his mom ,’ aap ka shaadi kiss ke saath hua hai?’ His mom said Tumhare pap ke saath’. Not satisfied the child asked ,’ Yeh toh papa hai , lekin shaadi kiss ke saath hua hai?’

  4. May be I should also write a post about the questions my daughter ask..she is only three and was asking my husband last week why she is a girl and he a boy?and she already know that she has come from my tummy(because God had secretly smuggled her into my tummy as a teeny weeny baby and she grew up eating all the food in my tummy) …. nowadays Why is her fav word…each answer to a why triggers More and more whys until we actually give up and say want to play hide and seek or want to watch Mickey mouse 🙂

  5. Hi chechi…

    I read your blog…its really challenging for a parent to answer such questions which kids asks..nywys nw am waiting for my 5mnth old to grow up and ask such queries…

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