The caption on my mind…

Bachna ae haseenon, lo mein aa gaya…

What do you think will be an apt caption for this pic? 🙂


28 Replies to “Sparrows”

  1. “He he, look at the other guy, neither does have as much color as me nor can he fly as high as me” thinks the sparrow to itself looking at his own shadow…

  2. Sparrows are so rare to find now-a-days rt! “Going, Going, Gone……” is my caption cause if we don care they will be extinct soon

  3. Rekha, just seeing the picture of the sparrows has me tongue-tied (that is a miracle, by the way!). We hardly see any sparrows these days, except at the airport 😦

    “Take a good look while you can still see us. For tomorrow we may be gone”

    1. Vidya Ma’am, love the simplicity and depth in your words. 🙂

      And yes sparrow are rarely seen these days and that’s exactly what made me click them non-stop on my trip to the Birla Mandir on Lil Love’s birthday this Sunday. It was such a lucky click that I had to share it. 🙂

      Thank you for the sad but realistic caption.

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