Sibling Squabbles

They play, have fun, but most of all, they fight like hell. Still siblings are the best. 🙂

Dew Drops

Based on a beautiful peace shared by one of my closest friends…

Most parents of my generations are opting out of parenthood or are choosing to have only one child. Their argument, “We wouldn’t be able to give time to the kid/kids.”

Contrary to this popular trend, me and my husband chose to have two children for a variety of reasons. But the most important and obvious reason for me was that my child should not be a loner, considering the fact that both me and my husband are out of the house for almost 11-14 hours in a day.

If someone asks me this question,

Does your child need a sibling?

My answer would be a definite YES. Bold, underlined, highlighted and the biggest ever font size. 🙂

He/she should have a sibling:

– to learn to fight for survival
– to understand the…

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