All is not well in God’s Own Country

Indeed…no place is safe for girls, including God’s Own Country.

Confused Humanity

Kerala with its exceptional tag line God’s own country has got some exceptional statistical data too.

High female literacy rate (87.86 % when compared to National Average of 54.25 %), low female foeticide rates, high female to male ratio(1,083 women per 1000 men) etc are some of the bright things we are told and retold. Sometimes Kerala is even referred to as a role model state.

But are things as good as they seem or are we just seeing things through rose colored spectacles?

Before attempting to answer the above question, let us  look at some other disturbing statistical data .

The average child sex ratio in Kerala has fallen to 959 girls per 1000 boys, flagging a significant decrease in the number of girls compared to boys in the 0-6 age category.
Though no cases of female foeticides are registered in Kerala , experts are of the opinion that…

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