Salt and Pepper

No ‘Grand’ please!!!

Yells Lil Love at the top of her voice when Ammamma says, “Thank you my granddaughter!

Yes. This happened on September 8th, Grandparents Day. 


No ‘Grand’ please!!!


Yes, again.

On September 22nd, on the Daughters Day. Amma wished me a Happy Daughters Day and then wished the kiddoos, “Happy Daughters Day to my granddaughters too.

And there Lil Love again screamed, “No ‘Grand’ please!!!”

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Image courtesy of worradmu at

That’s exactly when it struck me that there’s something GRAND with this new found hatred for GRAND. 

Upon further probing her, I understood that she didn’t want to be GRAND, because GRAND people have white hair, wrinkles and they lose their teeth too.

She tells me that I should grow further, but I should not grow GRAND. I love her for that, because at this stage, I guess she’ll be the only one who would wish to see me ‘GROW FURTHER’ 😉 She was almost in tears when she said, “Grand people have white hair, wrinkles, no teeth…

What touched me was her fear, “…and in the movies they show that GRAND people die.” 

The ever-practical Anu jumps in and proclaims, “Dumbo, everyone dies one day. Didn’t you see our fishy babies dying? Didn’t that temple aunt tell you how the cow died? Didn’t you hear Daadi’s mom died a few days back?

While listening to all this, I could see Lil Love looking at me and hubby with curious eyes as if longing for some respite.

And hubby told her,

White or Black, Live or Dead, Papa and Mamma will be always with you. Those who love you, never leave you.

A perfectly polished lie has suppressed her anxiety for the time being, but I am sure the little heart aches to even imagine something like that. 



25 Replies to “Salt and Pepper”

  1. That was no lie. She might not understand now (or she might; don’t underestimate kids!), but when she grows up, she’ll surely understand what her father meant by “Live or Dead, Papa and Mamma will be always with you. Those who love you, never leave you”

  2. Must be such a difficult topic to explain to a child – death. But I think the hubby did a great job with his simple explanation!

  3. Your post reminded me of the day my First Born started shedding silent tears watching something on TV. Someone was critically ill and death was imminent. I was surprised (had the movie touched him so much?) and asked him why he was crying. His reply, *sobbing*: “I don’t want you to fall ill like this and die!” He was 4 years at the time 🙂

  4. I am a big old person with strands of hair already turning white..even I can’t make peace with the idea of death!! yes I have seen some of them close to my heart vanish one fine day without warnings…but then I am still stumbling and trying to convince myself that they are all out there somewhere…. :(..I totally sympathize with your little one….

    1. Thank you! It is important for us to make it easier for them to accept it, just like any other truth of life. It definitely is a tough one to accept though.

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