In Pursuit of Happiness

This piece is strictly the author’s personal view and does not intend to hurt the sentiments of religious scholars and readers with a different opinion. The author was born many centuries post the period the epic dates to and hence only has little knowledge gained through the books, magazines, animated movies, and the idiot box. Please do share any other versions that you are aware of. A healthy discussion will always be welcomed. 


Watched Mahabharat on Star Plus HD with kiddoos.

It started off on 16th September starting with the story of Santanu and Satyavathi and in just 5 days, Dritharashtra, Pandu and Vidhur are already born.

Having seen B R Chopra‘s Mahabharat back in the 1990s, this one looks to be on a fast forward mode. Though the sets are marvelous, the choice of artists is not up to the mark. There is no expression, acting and it looks more like a puppet show. May be I felt like that because the presence of characters is for not a longer duration, due to the fast forward mode.

Back to the story, from whatever I have seen till now, it seems the entire Mahabharatha war happened because of the desires of Satyavati. She seems to be the most negative character I’ve ever seen in the whole epic, going by this new version. The B R Chopra version, did not show so much of negativeness in Satyavati, but blamed it all on her fisherman father. She deprived Bheeshma of his much-deserved kingdom, tortured Ambika and Ambalika against their wishes to fulfill  her longing to have a heir for the kingdom through her illegitimate son, Vyasa. Honestly, her story appeared to me as a lesson to many, that if you do not control your desires, you’ll forever be unhappy. Do you think she would have ever found peace after the Bheeshma Pratigya (vow)?

From whatever I have read about Mahabharatha, and seen so far in this version, it seems, this version is much more closer to the actual epic.

It also shows Amba’s anger for Bheeshma, which actually should have been for Salva, the king of Saubha, who refused to accept her and compared her to a prize won by Bheeshma. Bheeshma seems to have sacrificed and bore the brunt of the desires and mistakes of most of the other characters in the epic. A cursed life indeed.

Another character that I feel never got justice is Karna. Look forward to watching the future episodes and gain some more insights into the great Indian epic.


This post is written for WriteTribe’s prompt Free Write hosted by Suzy.
15 minutes and 6-7 minutes for editing is what I took. Please excuse the mistakes which I am sure will be there.  

17 Replies to “In Pursuit of Happiness”

  1. This was such a nice, quick 10 min post. Tell you what, encouraged by the wonderful response to my Seven Day Seven Sins in the Ramayana posts for the Write Tribe Festival of Words held in the first month of September, am going to do something similar during the first few days of October as well, this time themed on the Mahabharata.

    After having read this post, am sure you will enjoy those posts as well 😀

    1. I am looking forward to those posts Jairam…I seriously am. I loved your series for the ‘Festival of Words’ and the other day i was thinking I would suggest you a similar one on Mhabharata. Good!

  2. That’s interesting. I must watch it. A very important point comes across through your post. If two serial directors cannot “agree” on a certain “version” of The Mahabharata, HOW can we trust that the epic passed down to us through oral tradition and later additions/versions is the Right Story? Love the post!

    1. That’s right Sakshi! This is one point where my Mom gets emotional and blames me to be a rebel. I seriously feel that the epics have been brought to us with lots of ‘tadka’ and ‘masala’ added as per the interest of adults of a certain generation. This is one epic which to me is so much closer to the real world. There’s everything in there from good to bad to evil. But I would still want to know the original version of the story. Do watch it without expecting any acting skills from any of the artists…it’s just make-up and ‘dhaasu’ sets and the speed that’s making me want to watch it.

  3. I am actually liking the version they are showing on Star TV at present. I am liking the narration by ‘Krishna’ and I am liking that its not very melodramatic…though in some scenes I seriously wanna shout ‘move on NOW!’

  4. Interesting review.
    What I like most about the Mahabharata and the Ramayana is, to the best of my knowledge, all characters are a mixed bag. The goody-goody guys succumb to weaknesses at times. The ‘villains’ display some really noble traits.

  5. watching it… and making my kids watch it too…. but krishna’s character kindof left me wanting for more…. the voice is good, but the stone faced, expressionless guy is doing no good to the role. the older version of krishna was too good…but maybe i shouldn’t compare…. but this is one of my fav epics, as it is complete in all forms, nothing that is happening in the real world is left out in the epic…

  6. Heheheh..i too had the same doubt Rekha. I am also watching it religiously, especially for the special effects;) It does look very fast paced. The only character i liked so far is of Puneet Ishara who is enacting the role of Parshuram. Today i did watch a new serial on Lord Buddha on Zee tv..that one also look very tempting 😛

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