Does he even deserve to be referred to as a ‘Husband’ or a ‘Father’?

Sex for promotion: Man forces wife to be gang-raped for 12 years

What’s going on in this country off late?

Why is it that not a single place, not a single corner looks safe?

She was gang-raped by four people, even forced to perform unnatural sex. And, all this for a promotion and posting in the state capital by her husband, a bank employee.

Was a promotion such a bait that he couldn’t resist? Oh sorry, it cannot be a bait. A bait is something that a predator keeps ready to entice its prey.

Her monster husband, Bhupendra Nimade, put her on the torture wrack for 12 years, snuffing out all vestige of resistance by forcing her to swallow sleeping pills that turned her into a veritable vegetable. 

If they were only wanting a body, they could have used a mannequin instead…isn’t it?

The woman also suspects that her kids too were sexually exploited. But the children could never muster the courage to speak against their father, she said.

Of course, this is what would have made her speak out after so many years. I wouldn’t be surprised if all his children are confirmed to have been exploited too.

Do you think such men deserve to lead a life at all? Should they be tried and offered few years in prison?

In this case, more than those men who raped this lady, I find her husband guilty.

What was his mentality? Treating one’s wife as an object to be displayed or exposed in front of people just to gain a promotion…is that what manhood is all about?

Such people who commit a crime in a planned manner deserve no sympathy or reduction in punishment.

May he rot to death along with all those who shamelessly raped her with his consent.


8 Replies to “Does he even deserve to be referred to as a ‘Husband’ or a ‘Father’?”

  1. Some days when I open the newspaper and I read headings like these, I can’t even muster the courage to read the rest. World is full of filthy bastards, and it seems that most of them have chosen to live in India.

    I try to remain hopeful mostly, that soon it shall pass and we’ll live in a better world but hope is also giving up gradually. Disappointment is claiming for a permanent stay in my heart. 😦 😦

      1. I also, sometimes feel that may be a serious revolution is about to happen. They say ‘deepak ki lau bujhne se pehle ek bar bahut zor se fadfadati hai..’ there are times when I feel that may be what we are witnessing is just the end of this. I hope that’s true.

        I feel death is an easy way out for such people. They deserve to live a life much worse than death.

  2. The issue is persisting since ancient era and is spread globally.
    The more grisly is to understand that there has been a tremendous development worldwide and unfortunately, the status of a woman has deteriorated drastically so far this sexual assault is concerned. It needs to be given a serious wake-up call to all such organizations those who claim to be working and fighting for women. Just running an organization and shouting slogans is not going to do any help. You need to find a secured weapon against this multifaceted devil.

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