A Crazy Sunday

Lil Love has a special liking for me on Sundays, when Anu leaves for her 3 hour Abacus classes. Of course, she gets my undisputed attention for a full 3 hours. And this is what we ended up doing. 🙂

Mirror Image with Thread and Colors

Something that I used to enjoy doing during the summer vacations and more so during the exam time, to annoy Amma. 😀

Once Anu was home and we had lunch, it was her turn to make me dance to her tune.

The result though was awesome. 🙂

Sand Art on decks provided with the kit

I hear from the kitchen that the refrigerator door has been shut without making much sound.

“Lil Love, haven’t I told you a hundred times, not to open the fridge and pick chocolates or ice cubes?”

Who cares? Merrily, my little girl is munching and relishing her Cadbury Five Star which has been brought home by none other than her Daddy dearest. 😡 😡 😡

I definitely would have been their biggest enemy in the last birth and they sure have ganged up against me in this rebirth. Somebody please help! I’m going crazy. 😦

One sitting at the dentist, and I thought she’ll be careful with her chocolate eating habits.

Alas, all in vain. Lil Love being Lil Love, has a mind of her own, even before she was born.

“Eat enough and more of chocolates and ice cubes and when you’ll have a tooth-ache, neither the chocolate nor your Daddy will be there to suffer with you. And then the dentist will put the various tools and equipment and will ensure, your teeth are all out and then you can never have anything at all.”

“Mamma, the dentist Di is ‘ek dum mast‘. She said eat as many chocolates as you want and whatever you like, but brush your teeth twice daily and rinse after every meal. I’m doing just that. So no worries. You don’t have to worry too much. We’ll take care.”   

I felt really left out at being excluded from the ‘We’. 😕

That feeling turned into a fuming one when I spotted a grinning Daddy comfortably cuddled on the couch. 😛


We were on our way to find the deers and the ducks that I had described we’ll find in Deer Park, which was last visited by me when I was in grade 5 and was about 10 years old. More than two decades gone and I still had hopes of finding those spotted deer and the black bucks that stole my heart back then. See, what an optimistic person I am. 😀

I have a very bad habit of following directions. If directions are provided, I’ll put my brain to rest and will follow them blindly. My mahout, let’s me find my own way and will not utter a single word even if he knows I’m on a wrong trail. He’ll silently take the pain and follow me. Gurrr %&*%$#@$%*

After walking for over 2 kilometers, I finally decide to ask for help. I ask someone, if there’s any hope of finding the deer and the black bucks and he points us towards the right direction. When I’m in trouble, I’ll repeat the same thing again and again. Thus stopping by 3-4 more people, including a 5-6 year old boy, to check if we are on the right track.

Finally, we did get to see the deer and a few peacock. More than kids, I was super-excited to have seen spotted deer from such close vicinity.

Hey Rex, is that you? Skinny turned into Fatty. Good to see you after such a long time. 🙂
Let me quench my thirst while Mr. Crow takes a close look.
Human greed’s visible aftermath

Now for the black bucks, the pond in which I had seen the ducks as a child, was all dried up and so, I had very less hopes of spotting any. People were still directing us towards some ‘jheel’ (pond) which according to me was this dried up one. After walking for quite a long time, we reached an Ahaa spot. I could not believe my eyes. Am I dreaming? Is this Delhi? Or have we walked so much and wandered into some other state? Blissful moment for each one of us. And at last, we did spot quite a few black bucks, though they were far off, in the middle of the vast lake. But I was happy that we did spot and I didn’t break those little hearts.





A few rides and swings and then our naughty Lil Love injured her right hand, near the elbow on one of the swings. As usual, Mamma lost it and declared, “Pack up!

Naughty naughty si hawa hai…:-)

Anu was really and genuinely furious that because of the naughty one, she gets punished all the time. all I did was to assume that I have put some cotton rolls into my ear and I sat quietly besides the husband. Yes, that’s exactly how I sit when there’s a cold war on. :-/ The reasons for the war, were sitting right behind us. 🙂

After a while, tired of the awkward silence in the car, I looked back and asked for a Cadbury Five Star…

“You’ve sugar naa…people who have sugar should not eat sweet things naa…”

Everybody knows I shouldn’t eat sweet things, and that I shouldn’t eat too much of oil and carbs, but can somebody tell them that even mess attracts high blood sugar, even the band-baaja-baraat with the dhol that they provide me free of cost too increases the sugar levels. Gurrr ^&@##%#*&%&

Not my day it was, I suppose. Even then, I thoroughly enjoyed it. 🙂

The only task left is to decide, who should be the first one to say the magical word, “SORRY”. Yes, the same thing is going on in another mind too…I know. And like always, I am sure, it’ll come from both together. 🙂


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