What Tiny Tots Teach You

I am really sorry that I missed thanking two very significant teachers in my life. I have learnt life’s many important lessons from both of them and that too in a very short span of time. These two little teachers are my daughters. 🙂


Quoted below are some of the most important lessons that I learnt from them.

1. Love is not what you have read or heard

I was under the impression that when you get married to the love of your heart, he/she is completely yours forever and ever. I was wrong. These two angels entered our life, and since then every single notion that I had about love, marriage and being a happy couple have been proven wrong. I thought I was possessive about each and every relationship I had and more so, when it came to my husband. These girls proved me wrong. They made me understand that nothing and in fact nothing at all can come in the way of father/mother and children. The moment you become a parent, you cease to be a husband or a wife. We indeed feel more like a brother and sister now. The only saving grace, I still haven’t been asked to tie a Rakhi around his wrist. The moment we happen to sit next to each other, within minutes, we can feel two heads, four hands and fours limbs squeeze in from nowhere. 😆 😆 😆

2. Sharing and caring

Trust me when I say, I was never comfortable sharing my piece of cake or a bowl of kheer or a pack of popcorns with anyone. I still remember the days when we used to stay with my in-laws and how I used to give burning glares to hubby when he used to stealthily snatch a piece of papad, sandwich or a piece of apple from my plate. That was his way of gaining my attention. 🙂 But these girls have taught me that there is nothing which is tagged ‘mine’, it’s all ‘theirs’ and since I too am ‘theirs’, I do get a cute little share of everything. 🙂

3. Patience

I was always under the impression that I would soon be awarded the Nobel Prize for Patience. The affirmation from people around including mother-in-law made me even more confident about it. But alas, these girls have thought me that I was never patient before. It is now that I am patient.

A television running at a volume level of 80 (max being 100), two naughty brats screaming and shouting at each other, toys and books flying in the air like saucers, hubby yelling in between at the top of his voice for some peace…and I still can sit in the midst of all of this and keep typing my thoughts into WordPress screen with a smile. Isn’t this what they call patience? 😀

4. Your Parents have never loved you. It was just a future investment.

I always thought I was the first ever apple of my Daddy’s eye. No, I was wrong. Since the time Anu was born, Acha finds everything wrong with what I say or do. It’s always, “Let them play.”,  “They’ll eat later.”, “Give them a break.”,  “Why are you annoying them?”, “Why do you keep repeating things to them?” or “You should keep dolls instead of kids.”

My God, all my beliefs have been shattered. Never in my life did I know that I’ll be an enemy to my Dad. Sob sob boohoo… 😥

5. Strengthening Relationships

Children and children alone teach you that relationships are way above all the small differences of opinions, the past or anything else. At one moment, they will fight with each other, accuse one another, abuse each other. But the very next moment, they’ll be the best of friends and will support each other in any situation. Mostly it happens, when Mamma’s scolding one of them. 🙂 Their support for each other not only drains my anger, but also makes me feel happy for them. 🙂

6. Being Happy for no reason

They giggle non-stop in sleep and though I am dead against anyone who disturbs my sleep, I enjoy watching them smile and giggle in sleep. Wonder where did my dreams go and hide. I don’t even remember when was the last time I saw a dream or a nightmare. 🙂 Lil Love sometimes comes up with non-stop bouts of laughter, which finally makes me also burst into laughter. 😆 😀 😆

7. Children can do everything that others failed at.

It’s been a decade of married life and we have never celebrated either our birthdays or anniversaries. We were both under the impression that it’s all just immature and childish. Yes, we have cut a cake or two when either my sister or my sister-in-law had forced us to, but we never had a surprise candle light dinner or a habit of buying gifts for each other on occasions. We were proud to be the most practical couple in the world. 😛

Yesterday was my birthday and early in the morning hubby left for work telling me that he’ll be late as there’s an official dinner and cocktail. In the evening, Anu was extremely uncomfortable and was trying to call him up again and again. Whole evening she had an inflated balloon like face (which under normal circumstances is like a deflated one :-D) and while we were in temple, she got a call back from her father and she started jumping in excitement. Mr. Right has a very bad habit of making promises and then breaking them, mostly unintentionally. I am used to it, but when he does it to the kids, I get really annoyed. I was praying that whatever it is, he doesn’t break my kid’s heart this time. We reached back home and I was making them do their homework and assignments and was surprised to find Mr. Right at the door with a yummy chocolate cake. 🙂 He then took us out for dinner. 🙂 He had to excuse himself from the office party and come early to keep his promise to her. Love him for having done that for her and for me. 🙂

Anu, Mamma’s so proud of you baby. Love you so so much! 🙂

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st – 7th September 2013.



19 Replies to “What Tiny Tots Teach You”

  1. Priceless nuggets here and your two look so adorable and may I add, naughty! Glad to know you and your blog through this challenge. Hope this interaction continues.

    Best of luck.

    Joy always,

  2. Ah, yes! The children, our own; they do give us lessons in life that nothing and noone else can – even our parents! For that matter, all children, in whatever way we interact with them are absolutely among the finest of teachers 🙂
    Loved the way you went about this 🙂

  3. I completely agree with you…and one thing more… if they are the teachers then we are their sincere students too…
    I liked it very much…Belated B’day wishes!

  4. Children teach us so much. I learned things about myself that I would have never imagined since their births. They change a person and say the craziest things.

  5. Wonderful post. I enjoyed your whole series this past week. While I don’t have children of my own, I’ve taught many, many students and I have many nieces and nephews from whom I’ve learned many wonderful lessons. Thank you for sharing your beautiful wisdom with us readers.

  6. I totally agree Rekha.

    These innocent souls are just too good and we learn so much from them. Just wish time could stay still and their innocence too 🙂

    Was a pleasure to meet ya via this write tribe. Made memories!

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