Feeling Good :)

Encouragement and Motivation are the actions that keeps one going…

Here’s an email from a school-time friend that made my day…reproduced as it is…

hi rekha, 
sending you a pic clicked today...not a very good one, 
but when i saw the rain drops on the plant 
i immediately thought of you. 
so thought of sharing it with you. 
you are doing a great job with your blog...keep it up.  
take care and have a nice day

Here’s the pic that she has mentioned in the email…the dew drops reminded her of me, whom she has not seen in ages. Isn’t that something worth rejoicing? 🙂

Picture Courtesy: Diji Chandran

Here’s a comment that took me back to my childhood, when I met this aunt. I was so so glad that she remembered me even after so many years. Frankly, I do not remember a single instance when I would have had a one-to-one chat with this aunt. But yes, I used to adore her for her beauty and her son used to play with us every time they visited our neighborhood.

Rekha do not know whether you remember me………
Rajni Auntie…Rekha Nair…16 G ammayee …..
Just wanted to tell you that your blog is good and keep it up
…love and hugs..
God Bless.
Rajni Pillay

To me, most of the times, it is these simple moments and messages that make me feel blessed and worthy enough.

It is so good to know that my words do strike a chord or two in someone’s heart.

Thanks a ton to each of you who have been giving your valuable comments, positive and critical, which help me improve.

Heartfelt thanks for your time and patience. 🙂


12 Replies to “Feeling Good :)”

  1. Hi Rekha, This is your namesake and if you were with Deeps (Deepti) in school then I am couple of years senior to you as well. It is so good to see you blogging away so beautifully, I like your posts, they are so ‘from the heart’. Iam also a blogger for the last 6 years and I love it, though most of the time I love blog hopping and showering my compliments on good posts.

    I am so proud of you and Deeps and myself , we are all from the same school and we have all been taught by some great teachers.
    Keep in touch and take care

    1. Hi Di,

      I am 3-4 years junior to Deepti Di. Not sure if I would have met you. Just want to let you know that I am Sathyam teacher’s (SRN) daughter. Not sure if you know her. It is really good to have you here. And indeed it’s a pride that there are so many of us from the same school doing well in our respective areas. We definitely owe a lot to the teachers.

      Thanks again!

  2. That is so lovely and sweet.. It’s really wonderful to hear from someone..when someone appreciates us it’s a great feeling indeed.. Wishing you such encouraging and inspiring words keep pouring for you always .. Keep writing..!

  3. Thank you Rekha. it is flattering to see you include my pic and email in your blog 🙂 a big thanks. i had no idea you would reciprocate in such a grand manner. happy blogging !!!

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