Goodness Prevails

Every person you meet in life is important.

You meet them for a reason. Good or Bad.

They teach you something, leave you with some experience.

Some of them you’ll know why, when and how.

Some others, you might not witness their importance, but they truly are.

A lesson I learnt during my illness way back in 2004. I still believe that each person I cross along the journey of life has some role to make in my life, even by just passing by. Similarly, I too would be making some difference in their lives, knowingly or unknowingly.

If it was not for the uncle and aunt who were our neighbors then in Paschim Vihar, I would have been left all alone dying in pain till Mr.  Right reached back from tour. I didn’t have a phone those days to call and inform my parents or in-laws. That aunty came and sat by my side caressing me and cajoling me to make me feel better, as she would have done for her own daughter, when she knew me just for days. That is one family I’ll always be indebted to.

A similar incident happened yesterday. My parents have gone to their hometown to attend a wedding and that made my world turn upside down. My Dad is the one who picks up the kids and drops them at school in the morning and my Mom picks them up in the evening. Mr. Right works in the extreme opposite side of Delhi NCR and needs to drive about 2 hours one way, so I hardly expect any kind of help from him in these matters.

Here comes a God sent angel. Our Lady Friday. She needs a special mention, for she’s the weirdest one I have ever got and yet we get along. She is excessively neat, methodical, bluntly honest, trustworthy and smart which are her plus points. But the same traits get to my nerve too, when she goes overboard. Trust me, when I say, I have never yelled at any of my domestic helps for anything, but for this one. The kids when home without me, starve for food because she wouldn’t serve them until she finishes her timetable. This has also helped the kids be independent and try and serve themselves. Also, out of the 10 things I tell her to do in a particular manner, she’ll choose not do half of them, and the other half that she does, she’ll do it in her own ‘innovative way’ making me go bonkers. Yet, with all this, we still get along because of the naked truth is that I need her more than she needs me, for a smooth running house. So to both my sister-in-laws, who keep repeating, Bhabhi always gets good helps/maids: it is not their goodness or my kindness. It’s just pure adjustment for I have no other options available.

Apart from all this, I also respect her for many a facts, like the way she helps her old father financially because his well-educated son is of no use to him, rather is a burden on him. I really mean well-educated for the boy is an M.Com and had gotten a government job through written exam, but could not join because he’s in prison for having eloped with a girl. I am sure the father might be regretting his decision of not sending this girl to school and spending all his hard-earned money on the boy. It is this girl who works really hard and supports him now. She also supports her husband and in-laws in the same way. But honestly, I feel everyone is taking advantage of her, though she maintains that she’s smart and nobody can fool her. At least, I can’t. So she’s the one who opted for dropping the kids to school in the morning, so that Didi (me) doesn’t have to go late to work in the morning.

In the evening I have to leave office an hour early to pick up the kids as the school authorities will not handover the kids to people other than parents or authorized guardians. A good security initiative, which in times like this troubles one. Anyway, I leave office at 3.50 p.m. after approving an urgent Purchase Order and rushed to the nearest auto stand to go to Noida City Centre. We are right in front of the City Centre Metro Station and we have a 120 seconds traffic light, within which I miss two metros. Finally, I am at the Metro Station trying to enter with my Smart Card.

Alas! Murphy’s Law prevails.

When something has to go wrong, it will go wrong.

A Smart Card, I have been using for years now, had to give trouble right then, and it took another 6-7 minutes at the Customer Care resolving the issue. So, finally I was there at the Platform at 4.26 p.m. and had to be right at the school gate by 4.55 p.m. An impossible task if you ask me. Hurriedly walking towards the Delhi Metro Women’s Compartment, I spot the next shift driver seated on a bench. I ask him how much time it’ll take to reach my desired destination once the train comes. He mentioned it’ll at least take about 15-20 minutes. My heart sank. I immediately called up Lady Friday from there and asked her to be ready in case I am not able to make it, she should at least reach the school gate, so the kids aren’t worried. I suppose the driver overheard the conversation. Right then, at 4.34 p.m. the train reached and I jumped in as though it’s gonna fly and take me to the school in seconds. Trust me, the train took just 10-11 minutes to reach me to my destination. It stopped at all the stoppages for just the right amount of time for passengers to board and de-board the train. The moment I stepped out of the train at 4.45, I heaved a sigh of relief. And all I wanted to do was smile and say thank you to the driver. I couldn’t for I was away from the driver’s cabin and the train had started off by then. Another important person for me. 🙂

I reached the school premises, picked up the kids and finally dropped them home and went for veggie shopping. This was my time to speak with myself and I silently said a ‘Thank You’ and smiled looking at the sky, wanting Him to pass it on to the good samaritan.


Indeed, Faith and Goodness are things that keeps all going.

Journey and Destination by Eric Alagan


4 Replies to “Goodness Prevails”

  1. Thank you Rekha for mentioning my post here 🙂

    You’re right – everyone comes into our life for a reason and we enter another’s life for a reason too – at least, I like to think so.


  2. Domestic Helpers’ job is the most in demand job I can bet .. with their monthly wages soaring as high as Onion Prices in Delhi and Petrol Prices in the nation .. Domestic Help surely teaches you patience, acceptance and calmness 😀
    Nonetheless , what you mentioned , says yet again that we think on similar lines .. I mean even I am logical and I think God can never be illogical hence when we meet someone has to be for a reason …even a glimpse we get or give comes all under God’s planning of ‘THERE IS A REASON BEHIND IT’ !
    In any case , I am glad you almost made it on time anyhow 🙂 Life .. dont you think is becoming so competitive and over demanding ? 🙂

  3. What you said at the beginning is so very true! You can learn a lot from other people and most people are happy to lend a helping hand! Glad that you have so many wonderful people in your life.
    I don’t know about your illness but I hope you have recovered from it now!

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