Lil Love in conversation with Papa

Yesterday on our way to Daadu-Daadi (grandparents) house, Lil Love asked a very simple question to Mr. Right.

Papa, do you feel bad when someone else drives your car?

I was sitting right next to Mr. Right and was all ears to what he was going to tell her. I actually admire the way he responds to each of their queries, wisely and patiently. And more than all of it, I secretly visualize myself and my Dad in all those situations. It helps me relive those missing moments of my childhood. 🙂


Mr. Right: “I’ll answer you, but first tell me, why you are asking this question?

Lil Love now speaks slowly: “I don’t like it when others use my things.

Mr. Right: “Hmmm…I also don’t like it when people use my things without taking my permission. But if they take my permission, I don’t feel bad about it.

Lil Love again asks: “What about someone else drives your car?

Mr. Right: “I’ll definitely feel bad if someone drives my car without asking me. But Nitin Bhaiya is our driver and is appointed by Papa and he is helping Papa by driving the car, while Papa gets to sit back and do his work. He is also helping me, as Papa has less strain on his back.

What he tells her afterwards is what made me feel prouder than ever.

Mr. Right: “By letting him driver the car, Papa is also helping him.


Lil Love: “How?

Mr. Right: “Nitin bhaiya has a family comprising of him, his mother, his wife and two daughters, just like you. He gets paid for driving Papa to work and brings me back to you safely. Because Nitin bhaiya gets paid, his family gets food, clothing and shelter.

Lil Love: “But why does he have to drive the car? He can go to office like you naa…?

Mr. Right: “He drives because that is the job he knows to do. He didn’t have his father and hence couldn’t study well.

Lil Love: “Then he can drive someone else’s car naa…?”

Mr. Right: “Imagine if no one allows him to drive their car, how his family will survive? How will his girls go to school? How will they eat food? How will they get clothes to wear? Papa can save some good amount of money by not letting him drive the car. But, don’t you think Papa is doing better by letting him drive.

Lil Love: “Yes, Nitin bhaiya’s two daughters will get chocolates too naa…? They’ll feel happy.


A conversation between the father and the daughters is something which is much more interesting to me than anything else in the world. I pray to the Almighty that may their bond grow stronger and stronger by the day. Blessed they are to have the best person they could have had as father. 🙂

P.S. – In all this, don’t think that I am as good or friendly as Mr. Right, with Nitin. I am not, because I can’t stand indiscipline and people who do not respect time. I have had a major tiff with Nitin for taking too many leaves every month. But then as Mr. Right is, he sees the goodness in people and says that negates all the little flaws. Sorry, but I am not half as good. I would rather prefer to be all by myself than handle such people. Might be a major flaw, but that’s how I am.

Wait a minute! Why should I give away all the goodies and laurels to him…I’ll be really honest and will tell you about some of his shortfalls from the 101 series I am planning to write on him. Mr. Right is highly disorganized and laid back on his personal front. His profession is his first priority to the extent that he proposed me saying, “Will you be my second wife?” 🙂 On personal front, nothing but the kids can make him move his….you know what….don’t you? 😀 😉

I am a highly reflexive person. I act at the spur of the moment, without putting too much thought into lot many things. Thus making endless silly mistakes and hurting people. Honestly, I want my kids to pick up a lot from their father. I want them to be wise like their father, patient like their father, but organizational skills and time management should be mine.


Wow! I have charted out what all I want without even bothering to know if they want it or not. 🙂

There’s a long way to go and I am sure they will come to know what they want to be.

All I wish them to be are good human beings.


13 Replies to “Lil Love in conversation with Papa”

  1. Well written Rekha !! “I want them to be wise like their father, patient like their father, but organizational skills and time management should be mine” ” Well !! They will have a great future”

    1. Of course yours, Mr. Nair! 😀

      See, unlike you, I do accept and share some of the good things about you too. 😛 Kabhi galti se hi meri bhi tareef kar diya karo Papa. 🙂

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