Jawan Milkha Singh, Govindpura, 400 meters

I thought I wouldn’t be able to watch it on the big screen as Mr. Right had already seen the movie along with his team and so, I would have only got to watch it on the DVD, I had thought. A power outage and no ventilation in the office left us with no other option than to move out as quickly as possible. And what could have been better than to watch a movie with the team. Thanks to my manager who took the pain to watch it a second time just for us. That was really sweet of him. So Bhaag Milkha Bhaag was destined to be watched by me. 🙂

The movie in all I would rate as 4.8 out of 5.0. Now the detailed review follows.

The scene were Milkha recites some Hinglish lines in front of his folks…the pride in his father’s eyes was well portrayed by the Pakistani actor, Athar-ul-Haq Malik. Indeed there’s nothing that can make you feel more proud than the small victories of your child.

Like in all the reviews that I read so far, the marital rape scene of Milkha’s sister, Ishvar, portrayed by Divya Dutta was extremely disturbing, though I am aware that there are infinite number of walls or similar make-shift curtains, behind which this crime happens in the darkness of the night. The scene were she comes out and splashes water on her face repeatedly says it all. What disturbed me more was the fact that like in the movie, there’ll be instances where tiny little souls would be witnessing something similar that is way beyond their level of understanding. Kudos to the director and the actress for portraying this crime against women so efficiently. None other than Divya Dutta could have played the role so well.

The cross-country race for the army Jawans, where Milkha runs to achieve nothing but, milk and eggs. It shows the status of the Indian Armed Forces at that time, when they didn’t even have nutritious food like milk and eggs for the Jawans who were to guard the nation. A must watch seen by our youngsters who have abundance of everything but do not understand the value of anything. A simple Parry toffee used to be such a treat to me in my childhood, because I used to get it once in 2-3 months, when Mom used to get it from some birthday boy or girl at school. And today, a Dairy Milk chocolate worth Rs.10 doesn’t excite my kids, because they get it so often from our friends and family who visit us or at school as a birthday return gift. I frankly hate this ‘birthday return gift’ policy. It is spoiling the value of things that the kids need to know. I have even gone and complained about this to the school authorities.

The scene when Milkha returns to his village after winning the India blazer and finds out that Biro (Sonam Kapoor) has already been married off. The dialogue of his friend,

“Waise bhi hamare India mein ladkiyon ki kaun sunta hai.”

Though we have come a long way from those times, I still feel there are thousands of girls in our villages and cities who do not have a voice of their own. They still do not have a right to make their own decisions, be it marriage or any other important decisions of their lives. Suicides, honor killings, are all the results of such mentality.

Farhan has done a marvelous job and full marks to his body building and acting. His intense acting was more visible in the scenes where he visits Pakistan and goes down to the place his family was killed right in front of him. The review cannot be complete without a word of appreciation for Japtej Singh, the child artist who played Milkha’s childhood. The emotional turmoils of an adolescent child is beautifully portrayed by Japtej in the scenes where he witnesses the killing of his entire family and the marital rape scene. He’s done a fabulous job. Another person who needs to be appreciated is Milkha’s coach in Indian Army, Gurdev Singh, played by my favorite Nukkad artist, Pavan Malhotra.

Thanks to Farhan and team for making such a movie on Milkha Singh, about whom a non-sports enthusiast like me would have never known otherwise. I wish more such movies inspired by true lives are made and more such hidden inspirations come out into the limelight.

Now, you would ask why 4.8 out 5.0….why not 5.0?

The 0.2 points, I have deducted for the stretched scenes with the Australian girl, the national level swimmer (I don’t even remember her name) and the unrealistic scenes of Milkha running even after the septic wounds that could have caused permanent damage to his tissues.

The movie with a lot of cuts must be shown by schools to the students as a story of will and determination. Without the cuts, it is a strict ‘No No’ for children under the age of 10-12, in my personal view.

A must watch by one and all.


7 Replies to “Jawan Milkha Singh, Govindpura, 400 meters”

  1. Wonderful review. My daughter raved about it too. Off to see it this afternoon…finally!
    I agree with you about the value systems of younger generations. Too much too soon is the problem.

  2. kids who are 10-12 know much more than what we used to know at the age…I know this as I have to design games keeping the AGE in mind…I can’t share much details but come October you can give your kids the games designed by me 🙂 and its educational..

  3. a review of its kind !! 🙂 the way I suppose I review a watch .. a nice watch .. !! what should have been and what each scene portrays .. beyond .. what dialogues mean in depth .. I have seen the movie all through reviews and yet to see it in person 🙂 I can say yours was unique

  4. I have heard great reviews of the movie. Unfortunately I will not be able to watch it on the big screen because of the little one. 🙂 But I will watch it on DVD. 🙂

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