Day 2 – Incomplete

Had it been the time when I was in elementary school, I could have clicked almost all the pages of my notebook. 😀

Lazy I was, I am. 😀

Can you believe me when I tell you that I have never attended a play way or a preparatory school, I never go into Nursery or KG?

Yes. That’s true. My Mom happens to be a teacher and had taken me for admission into Nursery in her school. Fortunately or unfortunately, the seats were all filled up. The Principal was too fond of me, who used to be a regular visitor on weekends, and asked my Mom to get me admitted into first grade instead of Nursery. So there I was, just 4 years old and sitting amidst a crowd of class of children aged 5+. Mom says I never sat. I was always up there on the benches, jumping from one to another. 😀 If at all I sat, my back used to face the teacher and I used to face the students. 😉 😛 I used to feel bad about it that I am the youngest in the class, but then I managed to clear my grades without flunking even once, so I must say, I am really thankful to the then Principal and to my Mom who helped me all through it. 🙂


Part of August Photo a Day Challenge


8 Replies to “Day 2 – Incomplete”

  1. Back facing the teacher and sitting facing the students.. I did that till I was in third standard. Even now, sometimes I like to believe I taught pupils better than my teachers :P. Great blog here Mythili.

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