Day 1 – Something Beginning with N

With a few personal assignments lined up and the unit tests going on for Anu, I know I might not be able to write much. Hence I decided to keep my blog alive this month by participating in this photo challenge again. 🙂

Lil Love in her own cute way repeats, “N” is for “Noodles”.


Noodles reminds me of my school days…to be precise my 10th standard board exams. Amma (Mom) used to be after my life to study well and not waste time. And I used to feel hungry every now and then. Natural…Right??? 😀 And guess what…

I used to eat only noodles…No, no, not Maggi or Top Ramen, but home-made noodles, prepared by me. :-)Yeah, I used to make noodles and have it too. Most of the times, I used to stuff myself, just to kill time, to get a break from the study part. 😀 Naughty naa??? 🙂 😛

I hope Anu and Love, don’t read this before their boards. 😉

Part of August Photo a Day Challenge


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