Fat is Beautiful, Short is Sweet

Rachna’s post, Yes, Body Image comes from Parentshas triggered this post in me.

I have short hair since the beginning. They have never grown beyond my shoulders. I know that is not such an important issue to anyone else out here. But as a child, to me, it was. I was obsessed with long and thick tresses. This syndrome was there within me by default, but it was stimulated further by people in my life, in my surroundings. I come from Kerala where girls are supposed to have thick, long, black and shiny hair. My mother has. My sister has. All my aunts (maternal and paternal) and my cousin sisters have beautiful  long tresses, except me. 😦

Why Me???

A question I have asked myself and all possible people ‘n’ number of times, only to be told, “They’ll grow. You try this, you try that.”

I can’t tell you how stupid I was to try each and every tip that someone told me….from using infinite number of oils, shampoos, conditioners, scalp treatments, vitamin supplements, eating curry leaves and last but not least, the best of all, stepping on elephant dung and not looking back. 😮 😮 😮 Trust me, I did that too. My aunts and cousins told me it helps and I actually did that. 🙄 I wish they were not having fun at my cost. 😕

Neeli Bringadi, Chembarathyadi (all Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala Hair Care products), Arnica Oil, Anoop Hair Oil, Livon, Selsun shampoo, Biotique Hair Oil, JasRed Hibiscus Gel,…I have lost count of the products too.


I was always worried thinking how my prince would climb up the tower, without me having long hair like Rapunzel. But the good news is my prince actually climbed up the tower without the help of my hair. 😀 🙂

After reading Long Hair-My Guru!, by MySay, I have learnt that I should attribute my short-temper to my short hair. Shhh…blame it all on things you don’t have or don’t like. 😀

I was also way too conscious about the space between my upper incisors. It made me so conscious that I used to cover my mouth while talking or laughing and even when I used to go to sleep, I used to use my thumb to lock my lips. 🙂 I was so very conscious that during both my pregnancies, that’s the only thing I asked God to avoid in my kids. And guess what, both of them have the same space between the same upper incisors. 🙂 And ever since I saw it in my angels, I love the space between teeth. 😀


Saru’s post, Bridging the Gap, taught me it was alright to have space between your teeth if you can bridge the gap in your relationship. 🙂

The trouble with such issues is that, even though your parents or siblings do not make you feel conscious or blame it on you, there is a full force out there which is ready to make fun of you, make a mockery of you, most of the times, unintentionally and unknowingly. Why go far, my mother-in-law had pointed out these two points along with a few more to reject me….can you beat that? Thankfully, by then I was confident enough to not let it affect me. That was just because of the fear factor that her son might be taken away. Today, as we have known each other for over a decade, we both admire one another for many qualities in each other. Of course, both of us are not left with any options to choose from. 😀 Jokes apart, I seriously meant what I said about mutual admiration.

I have understood very well that outer beauty is not the right measure to judge someone.

Everyone is unique in their own way.

Everyone is beautiful…

Fair or dark,

Tall or short

Long hair or short hair,

Thin or fat.

Aren’t they Beautiful??? 🙂

So, here I am today…no less than anyone else in any matter….at least I wish to believe so. 😀

I have enough family members and friends, who like me for who I am, the way I am. Fat, dusky, with short hair and space between my teeth. 😀

I leave you with this beautiful clip from the latest Dark is Beautiful campaign by Nandita Das, one India‘s finest actresses.


27 Replies to “Fat is Beautiful, Short is Sweet”

  1. Wonderful. I loved the elephant dung adventure 😛 But seriously we all are never happy with what we have. Wanting something and obsessing over it are two different things.

  2. wow !! this is nice .. very nice in fact .. after being over conscious and still losing everytime .. I learnt one thing – I am what I am …. and its me who has to stop running away from myself.first . What glows outside is the confidence from inside.. fair , slim , sharp features .. long tresses .. all story which time eats up steadily and fast .

    1. You said it, MySay! We must stop running away from ourselves. But then I believe somethings come to you with age only…like wisdom. I am still hoping to acquire little bit of it as I grow further. 😀

  3. In my childhood, I had long dark, straight hair and I loved short hair. My mom would not allow it and I hated long hair. Now my wish is fulfilled. I have short hair but my mom still makes eyes at me.

    1. Lucky you Ma’am! I could neither have long hair nor could I remove the space between my teeth. But then who cares. I am blessed with so much more. 🙂

  4. Not that you need this little piece of information any more, but gaps between incisors are supposed to get you a lot of money. Blow it to the winds if silliness this reeks of, but point remains – you are as beautiful and sweet as this post is. 🙂 Applause!

  5. Fat is definitely beautiful. Do I need to explain to you why?? 😉
    Rex, being conscious about something we don’t have is less than the feeling of not having something that others have, isn’t it? 😀
    When you have curly hair, you wish you had straight one’s like the girl next door; and if you are fair you sit below the sun to have a tan. Its so ironical though the fact of life. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Situ! I’m glad you liked it. 🙂
      Yes, slowly but surely everyone overcomes the complexes.
      Thank you for boosting my morale. But I surely am not gonna share the riches. 😀

  6. Great post, Rekha! I am so glad that we are getting up and claiming what is ours. The right to feel happy in our skin. As you pointed out, each one of us is beautiful. It is time we appreciated ourselves. It is so much easier to then laugh off someone else’s rejection!

    1. Thank you Rachna and glad to know that you liked the post.
      Yes, rather than feeling low and wasting time thinking what others might be thinking of us, it is much easier and joyful laughing at it. 🙂

  7. Thank God my mother had no idea about the elephant dung idea.. otherwise she would have made me do that 😀 😀 …. I really believe that people should be comfortable in their skin… I am overweight (which is really not healthy) but that does not stop me from wearing what I want or it has not taken away my self confidence…but yes the world makes it a point to let me know about it 😛 😛

  8. Rekha,
    We definitely need more posts like these. There are so many men and women in this country who are lead to believe that their being not fair and “good looking” is some sort of a disease. It is high time that we stop this culture.

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