An Inspiration to All, especially Monster Dads

Few of the recent headlines that made me feel nauseated…

62-year-old man arrested for raping FIVE daughters for 20 years in Rajasthan

Man arrested for raping daughters, granddaughter for several years

Michigan ‘sex addict’ dad raped toddler daughter as wife held her hand to comfort her: cops

Such men are like malignant cancer that have to be removed from the society in the first instance itself.
It pains to see that such devilish fathers exist too.
Picture Courtesy: Google Image Search
I always believed in this beautiful quote.
But these news items make me wonder what would those daughters be thinking.

I am in no mood to waste my time as well as yours thinking, discussing, cursing or blaming it on the law and order, the government, the culture, the tradition or myself for being a part of this whole system. I would instead like to share an example.


Let me take you to my childhood…about three decades back.
Back in 1985, Ramesh uncle (name changed) bought a flat right above ours and used to stay there with his daughter, Sreerekha (name changed),her maternal grandmother, and two of his brother-in-laws. His wife Nirmala (name changed), was working as a nurse in the mid-east. She used to visit them once in 2 years or so. Sreerekha was aged 4. The next year or so, they had another daughter named Manjulika.
After a few years, the grandmother and uncles shifted out. Now Ramesh uncle was all alone with his two daughters. He used to wake them up, make them brush, give them a shower, get them ready for school, feed them, wash their clothes, put them to sleep. They were in my school and after school, till the time uncle used to come back from work, they used to be at our place. We were a real gang. And my mother used to be their Teacher Didi (Didi means elder sister in Hindi).
I was just about a year and a half older than Sreerekha. I have grown up watching the kids being raised by Ramesh uncle all alone for a good number of years. He used to drink every day, but he knew his limits and in all these years I have never seen such a wonderful human being, who was never interested in anybody else’s matter. He always had this sweet little smile on his face and used to blink both his eyes to us children, who used to play around on the staircase, while climbing down the stairs before driving off on his Bajaj scooter.
I still remember the day when Sreerekha had attained puberty and uncle went rushing to Preethaaunty (name changed), who used to be their immediate neighbor, for help in making Sreerekha comfortable and educate her about the sudden transformation from a child to a girl that she has undergone overnight.
I have seen many men before and after that, but my respect for Ramesh uncle remains as it is. I haven’t seen any man doing so much for his kids. I can bet neither my Dad nor Mr. Right would ever take so much pain as much as uncle had taken to raise those kids. I wish the girls acknowledge that.
Few years back, they shifted base to some other place and unfortunately we are no more in touch.
People attribute everything to money, but money alone cannot help raise kids or at the least being a good human. It needs a lots of love, patience, understanding, compassion, kindness.
Wish everyone who reads this understands what I want to convey.
And I also wish the real ‘Ramesh Uncle’ to get this message in anyway possible, through anyone who reads, for I had never conveyed it to him ever.

Uncle, You are one great man. Salutes to you! 🙂


12 Replies to “An Inspiration to All, especially Monster Dads”

  1. Well there are some demons few of them make it to the news .. and for all worst reasons .. it is horrible to think of an act of this low order .. on other hand there are people like that of your neighbour who took parenthood of mum and dad .. all alone and with smile , responsibility and contentment !! Inspiring individual and worth all respects ! 🙂

  2. That news was such a shocking one and I didn’t know where to start thinking about it. Even more shocking was the response of the wife of the accused, shrugging it off as a ‘family tradition.’ We wonder what kind of a demon family that was. Anyway, nice emotional read is what you have here. Loved going through it, chechi. There are great men and there are shit men. There are no middle ones. 🙂

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