English is a Funny Language…


How do you spell ‘cop’?




Doesn’t ‘c’ and ‘k’ have the same sounds? So how can ‘k.o.p’ be wrong?

No, no. Not my query. That’s Lil Love’s query. She got 9 out of 10 in her dictation for ot, od, op and og words. The 1 she missed was for ‘cop’. The new education system that focuses more on phonetics is pretty good, but it is troublesome for the parents as we do not have answers to such queries.

I remember when Anu was in Kindergarten, she also used to come up with so many doubts to which I haven’t found answers till date.

Why does ‘ch’ sounds differ in ‘chalk’ and ‘chef’?

The other day while I was discussing with a few friends, one of them tells her daughter’s doubt.

When ‘Spark’ and ‘Shark’ don’t have a ‘ke’ in the end, why does ‘Snake’ have?

All valid questions…aren’t they?

Though I look up to Google and Visual Thesaurus for the answers, at that very point, it is very confusing, irritating and makes me feel helpless in front of the kid, because I know these are genuine queries.

I love spending time with kids teaching them and doing their homework, because that’s the exclusive time I have with them and we are all at par during those few hours everyday. They learn many things and I get to revise and refresh many things that have otherwise been dumped in one of those few layers within the prefrontal cortex of my brain gathering dust over the years. 🙂 In all these few years that I have been enjoying this, what I have learnt is the kids in this generation are far smarter and confident than my generation. I learnt all these words, but never dared ask a similar counter question that was right there on my mind too, with neither the teacher nor my mother. Even in the class, there were very few, really few, countable kids who used to gather courage and ask any questions or clear doubts. I would never blame the teachers, for they kept on repeating,

“Do feel free to check with me if you have any queries or wish to have some portion repeated. You can raise your hands and ask or if you wish you can come to me later in the staff room and check.”

I believe most of my generation was like parrots, simply learn by heart whatever was taught, without daring to ask whatever little came to our mind or trying to see any logic in what is being taught.

The kids these days that way are very lucky to have far more open-minded and understanding parents as well as teachers that they do not think twice before asking even the stupidest of queries. I also feel it has a lot to do with the extra exposure that they get through their smart classes, the 24-hour access to television. While in our age, when I first saw a computer in class 8, but was not supposed to touch even the keyboard unless the teacher asked me to. That time, I never imagined that I would gain a post-graduate degree in Computers one day. Luck indeed. I first bought a computer when I got a job at the age of 19. That truly did help a lot in my PG which I proudly announce was funded by myself.

Also, what did we have to watch on the television: DD National and DD Metro? At my place, we got a cable connection when I was in class 12th and today my kids have the liberty to record their choicest cartoons and kids’ movies on Tata Sky and watch once they are back from school. They also have such beautiful bunch of educative channels like, History, Discovery, Animal Planet, National Geographic and so on.

To be honest, I sometimes envy them. And sometimes I feel blessed that at least we are able to provide them quality education and resources that help improve their knowledge.

Oh God! Where did I start and where have I reached….women will be women. 🙂

But the question still remains…

How do you spell ‘cop’?




Doesn’t ‘c’ and ‘k’ have the same sounds? So how can ‘k.o.p’ be wrong?

Do let me know. Else Lil Love will keep pestering me and will keep on repeating,

Lil Love is smarter than Mamma.

I love to agree, but don’t want her to be super-confident. 😀

Watch “Comedy Scene – Namak Halal – English is a very funny language”


20 Replies to “English is a Funny Language…”

  1. ha ha 😀 kids and their questions. My son is in kindergarten and I struggle with the k and c a lot these days so believe me when I say I understand 🙂

  2. Hahah! I hear you! The li’l inquisitive, ever-questioning minds! D.

    I agree with you that today’s kids enjoy far more liberty to question and that makes me very happy 🙂

    So go ahead Lil’l Love, question all you want 😀

    1. 😀
      Would love to hear how do you handle Namnam’s queries. I love them, but I get embarrassed when I’m left with no answer at all. And then all I do is, smile. 🙂

  3. G’day! I am a native English speaker and STILL have trouble with some words and spelling too! 🙂
    So you are not alone with your English questions and find from having pen pals around the world, a number of people have difficulties with various words, phrases and colloquialisms (local or country sayings) too!
    Cheers! Joanne

    1. True. But I believe it’s the same with almost all languages. Just because English speaking population is the largest, we get to hear so much of it. 🙂

  4. I never really thought about it until I read your post. It does bring up many questions, I can see this. I can still remember learning to read. I am sure your lil love will be just fine.

    1. Thanks! Kids come up with so many of them…for example, my elder one chides me for calling them ‘kids’. She says, “Kid is the baby of a Goat.” 🙂

  5. rightly said Rekha .. even 20 years back … life was all about mugging up .. and now talk to a kid without logic and you will be taken for a ride .. its good very good i say… there are 100s of questions related to maths , english and science the logic of which I m yet to find … 🙂

      1. hehehe !! even the thought of parenting shivers me with the kind of responsibility it brings along with 🙂 and that unconditional love …
        But its a special phase of life .. I suppose .. raising up kids with all one has .. love.. money .. physical efforts .. mental stress.. It has to be an amazing experience !! 🙂

  6. The answer lies in the title. 😀 English is a funny language.
    That is what I keep telling the kids, though that certainly is not a proper answer I know.
    There are finer technicalities, but by and far, it just IS. Period. 😀

    I love the way you write, and engage us, and draw us in, into your experiences too 🙂 I hope the little one does get to find that answer soon, or someday 🙂

  7. Lol! You got me in splits, reading this blog Rekha!!! Wishing each mom, more enigmatic & animated questions from their lil ones!!! Like how did the Universe happen?? Big Bang?? Was it due to TNT or Kerosene?? One never knows what surprises lies ahead for us to seek! 🙂

    Thanks to whoever invented the http://WWW…..I get all my answers (for my lil one) on the web!! 🙂

  8. These are very interesting and important questions that we adults still looking for answers.Phonetics are very important and I have the impression K and C sound the same. The best thing about the new Gen is that they ask Qs and are quite ahead of their times.

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