Gratitude for nominations – Soumya and Jensy

This happens to be my 201th post and it had to be special. Nothing is more special than showing gratitude for the ones who helped you reach here. So, here’s my gratitude to all my readers. Thanks a ton for your continuous engagement and encouraging words that keeps me going. 🙂

It’s been quite long since I have accepted the awards and recognition I was conferred upon by two beautiful ladies, Soumya and Jensy (Kikkee The Bee).








Thanks to Soumya for nominating me with such a huge bunch of wonderful awards. I am touched beyond words, my dear! Its the encouraging words and gestures like these that make you want to write more and more. Thank you so much dear! 🙂 And once again, congratulations on the publishing of your fourth book, Suroor of the Soul.

And this young lady with a very beautiful smile, Jensy, Kiki the Bee…indeed a Bee, has nominated me with the following three awards.




With much love and affection I accept these beautiful gestures of encouragement. Kindly accept my gratitude for such lovely bunch of awards.

The rule for the awards are way too long for me to sit and write. So as of now, I would like to shower upon these beautiful set of awards to the following blogs.

  1. Kiki The Bee –
  2. Rahul –
  3. Manu Kurup –
  4. Saritha –
  5. Sitara Nair –
  6. Shreya –
  7. Britton –
  8. Trisha –
  9. Pratiksha –
  10. Gautam Sudev –
  11. Feel me around –
  12. Abhishek –

Blogosphere…it’s a lovely world and with so many of you as friends, it’s only becoming richer day by day. Enjoy your day and bask upon the glory of these nominations as much as I did. 🙂

Till we meet again,

Chao 🙂


17 Replies to “Gratitude for nominations – Soumya and Jensy”

  1. Wow!! A bunch of awards for our chechi. Yayayayay!! 😀 😀 They’re all well deserved ones to you. Congratulations on receiving all those honors. Thank you so much for the nomination too! Will do work on it soon. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. Congratulations Rekha – 200 posts plus one 🙂 That’s a milestone 🙂

    Not surprising that you garnered so many awards – you’ll be needing a larger cupboard soon 🙂

    All good wishes,

  3. wow these are so many ! Congrats a lot 🙂 And since I have took a tour of your blog…I can say that you deserve them ! I love your blog…You write so well !! Love xx

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