A day at the Yamuna Bank

Friday Fever…

After troubling my school time friends since the eve till about midnight on WhatsApp with non-stop chitter-chatter, I tried sleeping. Sleep as she is, plays hide and seek with me when I most need her. I decided to let her have her way. I came out of the bedroom where the kids and Mr. Right were peacefully tucked in a blanket. I made myself comfortable on the couch in the living room and read a few posts from co-bloggers, and then moved onto a book that I am currently reading, Mistress by Anita Nair. Sleep, as much as I know her is pretty naughty and hates watching me doing anything but waiting for her, pleading with her. She got so jealous and came back within no time and I don’t remember if I completed reading any of the pages of the book.

All I remember is waking up on Saturday morning to the irritating noise of alarm clock and with the book still on my face. 🙂

After the customary chores like, preparing breakfast, putting the week’s laundry into washing machine, feeding my fishy babies, watering the plants, I woke up the little ones. While getting them ready for school, I realized that Lil Love had got a sprain in the neck owing to her karate stunts she did the previous night, trying to impress us. After dropping Anu to school, we took her to the Ortho. Must be his charm or the joy of getting an unexpected off from school, Lil Love was perfectly fine in minutes. The pain and the redness still being there, we opted to keep her home.

Saturdays generally are lazy for me. But this one was different, I wanted to go shopping. Yes, shopping to the banks of River Yamuna. My plants were shouting for good food, something different. I wanted to buy some Khaad (compost in Hindi) and a Khurpi (trowel in Hindi).

We went to the Yamuna Bank and spent some real good time out there. Plants, huts, animals, scantily clad kids, chulha….it was giving a feel of a village. Not too far away from the mad rush of city, there’s this simple life that’s going on.

A self-made sketch

As a child too, my wish during the daily journey to school, crossing river Yamuna was to have a hut, underneath a tree, to which cattle where tied, on these very banks of Yamuna. A farmer as husband, two little kids, few goats and few cows (I hate buffaloes). I always imagined me cooking food on the chulha and serving hot chappatis to my tired husband and sleepy kids. I also used to see us rowing on a boat to come to my mother’s place. Innocence of childhood…ain’t it? 🙂

Anyways, if you ask me today, I am way too happy with whatever life has offered so far. Whatever I have is enough for me, and whatever I don’t have, He knows I would never need.

So yesterday, while on the banks of Yamuna, I was telling this little stupid childhood dream of mine to Mr. Right and Lil Love. He burst into laughter. He was teasing me if I would like to change my mind and go back and chase my childhood dream. Ney!!! 😀

1064082_10201534198379651_1975904972_o (1)





After strolling down the kutcha road (a dirt track made of mud), we stopped by a nursery to check out on the compost and a few plants that both of us liked. We bought a few and requested the owner to send someone to help me with the manuring of plants, which is to take place today.

As Mr. Right is, he immediately connects with anyone and strikes a conversation…a deep and serious conversation, which makes you feel connected to that very soul in some way.

We never realize the amount of destruction a particular natural calamity brings in as we only see what the media shows us. The recent Uttarakhand tragedy too, according to many of us, was confined to the state of Uttarakhand. We only saw what the media showed us. Of course, it is impossible for all of us to go in person and check on the tragedy.


The water level of Yamuna rose way beyond the danger levels and reached upto the Noida Link Road. The farmers where evacuated from the banks and made to camp on pavements of the Link Road. The water that was let out from the Hathinikund Barrage, about a month back, has still not receded. The farmers there were not prepared for water logging in the month of June, which had never happened before. They say, they used to prepare well in advance for the monsoons in July and August. But June, it had never happened before.


The Nursery owner told us that each of the nursery there has lost at least 15-20 lakhs worth of plants. The destruction is visible, if you happen to be there. He said they bring in plants from Kolkata and Pune, for the climate in both these place are well-suited for plants with enough rains and moderate temperatures.

The land is owned by the government, but they are not much bothered about it as it is the river bank and they cannot bank upon it much. In a way it is good, because these thousands of families earn their living through this land in whatever way possible….be it cultivation or nursery.

But this is a serious issue and we all need to learn from it.

Do not meddle with Mother Nature.

She has her own limits of tolerance.

The day ended on another bad note, a classmate’s father expired after months of hospitalization.

Not all days are sunny! But it’s the not-so-sunny days that teach us a lot.


4 Replies to “A day at the Yamuna Bank”

  1. Enjoyed everything… Ur day when u took that time to go shopping for khurpi and khaad. Related so much to all u just shared. Loved all the pics especially the one with the common emigrant butterfly on that Hamelia shrub. Was a regular there myself when i was staying in IP Ext. made frnds with a Gardner family and they had 4 lovely kids who showered me with all their affections. Loved sitting there on their charpai sipping thick sweet tea. Wanted to own a small hut there myself. So u see how can relate to everything that u said . Btw did u also know that some of the tenants there are so called illegal and once in a while when the raid is done by rogue policing all their makeshift huts are broken. They spend the night on the street somehow and after a couple of days they are seen in their same huts as if nothing happened at all. So much for resilience.
    Rekha my hobby is nursery hopping…meeting maalis…knowing them and sometimes buying plants but most of the times learning the names of the various plants.

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