Jaipur – A Picturesque tour (Part I)

20th June, Thursday, 9.30 pm

Knock knock…

Mr. Right is back from office and with barely one foot inside the house, he says, “Pack up clothes for two days.”

Another one of those unplanned, unanticipated trips to a yet another beautiful destination…

Jaipur, Rajasthan, INDIA

I know you are wondering summer scorching heat at 45 degrees and these baffoons were off to Jaipur…Crazy fellows! 😀

Initially I too felt so, but then with Mr. Right, you can never ever expect a planned trip. The only one I had in all these 10 years is my recent 2 weeks trip to Kerala. Anyways, what matters is he took us there and we enjoyed. Period.

We drove a distance of 297 kilometers (one way), crossed Neemrana, where I was amazed to see the RIICO Japanese Zone.

More about this here.

The Japanese connection – The Hindu

So, where did we go in Jaipur?

We went to an artificial Rajasthani village set-up called Chokhi Dhani, India‘s Most Innovative Tourism Project. When I reached the main entrance to the village, I was like this is one of those trade fair pavilions that we get to see in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. But I must tell you, more than anyone else, it was me who enjoyed every bit of it.

Click here for more info on Chokhi Dhani


Doesn’t it look similar to the Rajasthan pavilion at India International Trade Fair?


Thanks to the Muchhad (Hindi word for one with a thick and long mustache) guard who posed for the photograph


This age old lamp reminded me of our childhood when we used to visit our grandparents in Kerala. They used to start cleaning up the lamp since about 5 pm and getting it ready before it darkens completely.  We used to play around the lamp stamping on the infinite insects that used to play around it.


This reminded me of Alibaba and the Forty Thieves, wherein each of the thieves was made to hide in a vessel similar to this one.


That’s the kind of jharonkha (window) that I would like to have in my dream house.


Old utensils used in remote villages even to this date. I must say, food cooked in those vessels was much more yummier and healthier than the modern Copper coated or Teflon coated ones that we use these days.


Reminds me of Thevar Magan, where Kamal Hasan used to travel on a bullock cart with similar looking wheels.


Beautifully carved out doors opening into the village.


Kesariya Padharo Mhare Desh Mein…a folk song of Rajasthan which invites you to the culturally and traditionally rich state of Rajasthan.

I just can’t stop listening to it. You can listen to it, here. Don’t miss it! 🙂





The caption I had in mind while clicking this pic was, “Aaj mein upar, aasmaan neeche…” 

Which means, “Today I am above and the sky is beneath on the ground.”



Another of those lamps which kept reminding me of my Muthachhan (grandfather).


A lovely shot I could capture just before the sunset.





These girls were amazing. And the beautiful folk songs were making me want to go and dance too. 🙂

But then I was seriously worried about you guys…didn’t want another earthquake or tsunami. 😀


A cute fountain…


An artisan at work. Hats off to his dedication.


The blocks used for block printing on clothes….ranging from 150 to 500 rupees.


The traditional Rajasthani Feast

Honestly I was filled up completely with just one-third of it, but it indeed was amazing food.

Dal Bati Churma, Baajre ki khichdi with desi ghee and sugar, Gatte ki sabzi, Paneer Sabzi, Pakora Kaddi, 3 different types of chappathis, chhaanch and crisp Jalebis and Maalpuas


Rahul was our host and was amazingly humble and sweet. He told us stories about each and every dish.


We also had Jaljeera, Kulfi, Chuski. I can sail a ship in my mouth right now thinking of all those. 😀

The kids had so many things to enjoy, so many rides, so many tunnels, caves, elephant ride, camel ride, magic show, puppet show, and so on…

The icing on the cake was free Mehandi Designs by the locals on our hands.

Wow! I just love having mehandi designs on my hand. 😀

So, that’s it for now. Rest of my Jaipur trip in a short while…till then BYE BYE. 🙂


15 Replies to “Jaipur – A Picturesque tour (Part I)”

            1. Yupp. It’s applied free of cost by paid workers. Though they ensure they get some in the form of tips. Incredible India, you know. 😉

  1. Waah! I’ve been in Jaipur now for 1.5 years and still haven’t seen all of that! 😛
    Looking forward to the part 2 of the series now!

    Btw, it looks like you were in for the Photo challenge last month… how come you weren’t in the photography group on Facebook, where we were sharing our daily links for the challenge?

    1. Ohhh…that’s nothing new. I haven’t been to lot of places in Delhi. I have been here for all my life now.
      Part II, I guess is scheduled for tomorrow or day after. 🙂

      I did take part in the photo challenge for May and June, but did not post it on the group…I did it out of choice, as the kids were having more fun than me searching for pics to click. 😀

      Thanks for dropping by. Good to have you here. Will visit your virtual abode soon. 🙂

    1. Yeah…great place. Didn’t know how and when we finished spending 5 hours there. Beautiful thought behind it…just a bit costly and hence I think majority of the crowd is unable to go. The dinner part should not have been made compulsory. Many more people could have enjoyed.

    1. Yes, Saru! One of the most beautiful places. I’ll make sure to visit once more. And this time, won’t apply mehandi and rather capture more beautiful moments. 🙂
      About dancing, I used to be a Bharatanatyam dancer, till I suffered a back problem. But I am way too shy to dance in public gatherings like these. 🙂 I prefer to dance to the tunes of the little ones. 😀

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