Back to Ground Zero

Dew Drops

End of a two-month long journey of sheer joy and fun with the angels… 😦

Playing, fighting, irritating, annoying, amusing, surprising, learning, teaching…it was masti (fun) all along. 🙂

Homework, temple visits, ice candies, window shopping, rain dance, adventure at Jurasik Park, an unanticipated Jaipur weekend getaway and my school reunion…had a real good time to get bonded with the kids. 🙂

I guess with Anu becoming more and more mature day by day and Lil Love too growing beyond the ‘Wipe my tears’, ‘Pick me up’, ‘Wash me now and then’, ‘You don’t love me. Do you?’ age, I had more quality time at hand and could be real friends with them.

Starting today, it’s again

Ready, Steady & Go

for the next 10 months.

It’s just the first day and in my mad rush to get them ready and not to miss my cab, I forgot picking…

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