Solitude (Poems)


Cupid’s arrow attacks souls
Oblivious and unaware
Inquisitive eyes meet
Aching hearts beat
An unquenchable thirst
A burning desire
Anxious glances
Searching for the beloved
Beneath the moonlit sky
They kissed passionately

Luscious pain didn’t let them stop
They melted away into each other
Her soft supple lips
Thaws into his
His arms so strong
Are painting her raw
Innocent and blithe
She was in every bit
His protective embrace
Leaves her ablaze

A spur of the moment
And there they are one
A split of a second
And their paths repel
Mysterious as it seems
Arcane it remains
A little sweet and salty
A little spicy and sour
Thunder flashes furiously
Wave splashes on curiously

Rain pours down heavily
Ocean cries forlornly
Years pass by and
No sign of homecoming
An endless wait
From dawn to dusk
A pain so deep
That left her in trance
Sitting by the water’s edge
Solace she sought in solitude

Copyright © By, Rekha Dhyani, New Delhi


8 Replies to “Solitude (Poems)”

  1. U are not only an amazing writer but a very fast “thinker” too Rekhs…… It is always a pleasure and that too a refreshing one to read ur posts. they sound so true and natural…..U have put together 32 years in such a captivating manner that every moment i was reliving those days with u. that is the power of ur writing Reks. …keep writing my dear….

    1. Thank you, Teacher! It’s a great pleasure and a true blessing to get such encouraging comments from you, who have known me since my childhood. I’m really glad that you like my posts. Love you lots! 🙂

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