Beyond the Horizon

Dew Drops

Human thoughts are the fastest…they travel with a speed faster than the speed of light. Don’t you think so? Hmmm…here’s the proof. 🙂

This morning, on my way to my cab pick-up point, which is around 2-2.5 kms from my place and takes about 10-15 mins , I have travelled 32 long years in my thoughts.

I remembered the ‘Matheru‘ during one Onam celebration in my childhood. I could clearly see my ‘Muthachan‘ (maternal grandfather) holding me. I was wearing the ‘Kasavu Mundu‘ that he had gifted me. If only those days could come back. 🙂

Then I moved onto travel to my ‘Achamma‘s’ (paternal grandmother) town, Mangalamkunnu, where Dad n I have just gotten down from the S S Kumar bus and are walking down the road and Dad is showing me the roadside mango trees and telling me the stories of how he and…

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