“Sir,mein anaath ho gaya.”

Translation: “Sir, I am orphaned.”

An SMS received by one of my friends yesterday morning from a team member.

This guy lost his parents, sister, her husband, her children, mausi-mausa (maternal uncle and aunt), chachi-chacha (paternal uncle and aunt)all had been washed away in the recent Uttarakhand cloudburst and flash floods.

When my friend, Ashi, spoke to us yesterday eve, rather chatted with us, he was really really upset with this tragedy that had befallen upon his team mate’s family. But we were all happy too for his team mate…because he was destined to live.

Ashi had cancelled his leave due to some unavoidable assignment and hence he could not accompany his family. The lone survivors now being the guy, his wife and his 10-month old daughter.

Destiny it is.


We are able to see the depth of devastation that has taken place in those hills of Siva. We hear stories from the survivors.


Uttarakhand floods: Nature’s fury, human greed and sleeping on the dead…

Uttarakhand: Pilgrims Looted, Exploited


What is all this?

Cannibal holocaust???

Yes, our generation is becoming nothing less than cannibals. Looting stranded people, selling biscuits worth Rs.5 at Rs. 200…at this rate, they might even be selling the flesh of the dead, decomposed bodies and minting money. I really feel so.

And our politicians…they are worst than the leeches that suck your blood. They are just bothered about popularity, votes and limelight…even midst a huge mountain of dead, decomposing bodies. With these men in white, I don’t see any hope for the country.


The only noble souls that helped were the Army Jawans, who tirelessly and fearlessly rescued thousands of stranded people. They are the real heroes.

During childhood, I was told by my Ammamma (grandmother) that God only calls those whom He likes, those who are good and those who deserve to be seated next to Him. I realize she was right…


My heart goes out to the families of those jawans who died in yesterday’s chopper crash.


Kali’s Anger

A very informative post I read about the linkage of the floods to the removal of the Kali idol…not sure how far it is true, but I don’t see any harm in restoring the idol, if that helps stop more destruction. I believe in a Supreme Power and hence to give a face to Him/Her and speak my heart out, I do believe in idols. I am not very interested in astrology and astronomy, but since both are based on science and mathematics, I do feel they have a solid relation to our lives and incidents associated with us.

He is telling us time and again, not to interfere in His work. The earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, cloudbursts, floods, landslides, drought, etc are His signs to refrain from meddling with the Nature. If we do not take note of it now, we can be rest assured that our race is not gonna survive for long.

Indeed, the end of Kali Yuga is not too far… 


I am writing. You’re reading. All because we are those lucky ones who have not been hit by such a tragedy. We are few of those who have not lost any loved ones to such calamities.

We can discuss.

We can preach.

We can argue.

We can blame.

We can debate.

But is that the need of the hour?

Help the survivors in whatever way you can. Donate in cash or in kind. Help rehabilitate the survivors in any way you can. There are many genuine NGOs and the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, through which you can do your bit.

Remember, every drop counts.

How and where you can help?

Prime Minister’s Relief Fund 

Uttarakhand Government Online Donation Portal

NDTV – How you can help

Animal relief in Uttarakhand

Gardisho mein rehati behati gujarati jindagiya hai kitani
Inamein se ek hai teri meri aakahi? koi ek jaisi apani
Kar khuda khair kar, aisa anjaam kisi rooh ko na de kabhi yahaan
Gubja muskuraata ek waqt se pehale kyun chhod chala tera yeh jahaan
Ek lau iss tarah kyun bujhi mere maula, ek lau jindagi ki maula

Dhoop ke ujaale se, os ke pyaale se khushiya milein hamako
Jyaada maanga hai kahaan, sarhade na ho jahaan duniya mile hamko
Kar khuda khair kar, usake armaan mein kyun bewajah ho koi kurbaan
Gubja muskuraata ek waqt se pehale kyun chhod chala tera yeh jahaan
Ek lau iss tarah kyun bujhi mere maula, ek lau jindagi ki maula

Ek lau iss tarah kyun bujhi mere maula

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9 Replies to “Orphaned”

    1. Even I find it difficult to digest. But that link gave some convincing points. Also I don’t feel any harm in restoring the idol.

      Whatever it is, all I want is people to be safe and sound. No more tragedies, please!

        1. Not sure about how much it’ll effect the unfounded beliefs and faiths, but I do believe there is a Supreme Power which governs the movement of each one of us. And hence I don’t find anything wrong with doing things that’ll not harm anyone or rather put all the disturbances to rest.

  1. Indeed we are lucky that we are reading writing debating blaming and consoling .. calamities need no reason to fall upon us .. when we have left Nature with no other alternate but retaliate. I am literate enough and I feel these Shaktipeeths or Jyotirlings are not mere rocks or idols .. anywhere put naturally .. they are strategical places of energy !! Shifting and Idol and hence facing calamities may be sounding stupid to many but I have a firm belief which is based on logic.
    they who are selling food and water for that high price will also have to face the Supreme Power and settle the Karmic Account.

    1. You said it. There definitely are certain points of energy concentrations and those when disturbed may cause havoc. All said and done, I feel anything that can help save thousands must be done without fail.

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