Life is Unpredictable

We had a fabulous Father’s Day. Thanks to Mr. Right! 🙂

Went out with family to Murthal, Haryana and had yummy paranthas with a kiss of white butter along with curd and pickle at Gulshan Dhaba.



We then went off to Jurasik Park Inn, Sonepat, wherein my water animal, Lil Love, had a fantastic time.


It was fun watching her enjoying in the pool. I was happier watching the two Dads (my Dad and the Dad of my ducklings) and Amma feel contented watching the kiddoos.


A memorable short trip it was. 🙂

We had planned for our annual visit to the Ghorakhal Temple in Shaymkhet Bhowali, Nainital, Uttarakhand starting on the coming Friday. We were introduced to this shrine during our honeymoon trip back in May 2004 by our taxi driver, Kamal. We went there because he insisted and said, “Sirji, aap poora Nainital ghoom liye ab mere liye yeh mandir bhi ho chaliye. Mein bahut maanta hoon inhein.” 

And the way Mr. Right is, he agreed instantly.

The deity here is Golu Devta or Gwal Devta as the locals pronounce it. He is said to be the Justice Deity of Uttarakhand. He is believed to be a divine incarnation of Lord Bhairava (Lord Shiva). Here are a few pics I clicked during our last trip which will give you a visual experience of the place.

The Main Mandir
Inside the shrine
Prayers/Requests on Stamp Papers too…:-)

Golu Devta Hawalbagh, Almora.

Bells everywhere
More and more bells

Our experiences after that first darshan were such that we now believe so much in this God, that we ensure that we go for darshan at least once a year.

During childhood, when my mother used to take us to many temples in Kerala (the only visits for us outside of our grandparents houses), I used to wonder why does she believe in all these stone sculptures. But now at this point of my life, having already gone through half of it, I now understand that it is the tough times, untoward incidents, unpleasant situations and circumstances which brings in experiences and learning that make people believe or not believe in various myths, beliefs and superstitions.

Though his parents are settled here in Delhi, Mr. Right belongs to Uttarakhand and he ensures an annual visit. I can understand his affinity to the place because I have the same affinity towards my motherland, Kerala. 🙂

And then the rains broke loose on Saturday and Sunday…so there goes our trip along with half the booking amount, down the drain. 😦 😦 😦

But I am glad that we were not stuck like the hundred thousands who are struggling to get out of there.

May be Golu Devta didn’t want us to meet him at this point of time, because he has hundred thousands up there, whom he needs to take care of.


Till about this crazy lazy Monday morning, I was dying to have more and more rains. I am that crazy about rains.

And then I saw this on the LCD screen in the cafeteria around 9.30.

Scary it was. I am reminded of the Rains in Mumbai, 2 years back. 😦

Meteorological Sub-Division Wise Rainfall (Indian Meteorological Department;
Meteorological Sub-Division Wise Rainfall
(Indian Meteorological Department;


* Picture Credits: Times of India
** Click on the image for higher resolution. 

Did anyone one of us ever imagine that the rains that we so wanted would bring in such ruckus across the country and that too so soon?

That is it.

Life is pretty unpredictable.

At one moment we all are planning something or saving for something else and the very next moment life gives us such a jolt that we end up wondering,

Was it all worth it???

I wish the rains stop for the moment and do come back when its time and stay controlled till they are required.

I pray for all those who are stuck in the hills up there. My sympathies to all those families who have lost their houses, their hard earned belongings, their family members and friends.

With this my belief grows stronger that we should live by the day, rather moment, and not die saving for the rainy days, which might already be there without notice. If you put things off all the time, that day will never come. Do things now, have accomplishments as well as aspirations. Try and achieve the most of it.

Live every moment!

Laugh every day!

Love beyond words!


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11 Replies to “Life is Unpredictable”

  1. ഇവിടെയും പരക്കെ മഴയാണ്, കുട്ടി! ഒന്നു മര്യാദക്ക് കൊച്ചിയില്‍ തെണ്ടിത്തിരിഞ്ഞു നടക്കാന്‍ പോലും പട്ടനില്ല്യന്നേ. 😦 😀


          1. 🙂 hmm!!
            i recall my trip to gangtok amid rains in the swimming pool down in the valley with the swimming pool snap you have taken ..
            It was fun.. !! 🙂
            Monsoons are unpredictable.. its lot better to get a trip cancelled than to stand stranded amid natural calamities .. helplessly !!

            1. Yes! And with the kids, we don’t take any chances at all.

              Rains are pretty lovely and the most enjoyable. But the moment they turn violent, life gets disrupted. I feel bad for those tourists and pilgrims who got stuck. Hope they can all be rescued without much loss. Prayers for all!

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